What To Do When You See A Snake

To watch a snake on television is a totally different affair than finding it live in front of your eyes. You should know what to do when you come across his majesty. Else, it may kiss you without your permission.

When You Find A Fierce Snake

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Most of you admire the beauty and elegance of a serpent, but when he meets you and tries to display his affection towards you, you flee away without putting on your shoes. This is not fair. It may hurt him and he may become more determined to demonstrate his love for you. You should instead utilize the opportunity and make the moment laudable and memorable.

Take some snaps while he is still trying to catch a glimpse of your visages. This will help you boast your courage in front of your friends if you return back alive. Make sure you switch off your flash before you proceed. Otherwise, it may thank you for your great effort.

Snakes by nature are very friendly. But they rarely like to initiate the relationship. If you freak, it may turn him off and result in losing the sight of the lovely creature. Be brave enough to commence the conversation and soon the snake will come to embrace you.

A little more courage after it hugs you will enable you to share your story with him. In turn, it will share its story to you no doubt. It is obvious then, that you become sentimental and start shivering. Goose bumps are the common resultant of this high intensity emotional upsurge. No need to worry. It is natural reaction.

Snake Hanging In Front Of A Girl
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Another big news is that snakes may seem dumb and deaf to you but they are very talkative. Their silence talks. You are forced to remember your Gods and can feel the eternal bliss vivifying the ambiance. Don’t lose this opportunity.  But make sure, you don’t dance in enthusiasm. Otherwise, serpents are quick at asking for a kiss.

Snake Talking To A Girl
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Last, but not the least. Snakes fear you more than you can. They consider human beings more venomous than any other creature. They have the custom to love the ones they fear. In this way, they overcome their fright and transfer it to you to enjoy. The moment you notice this sign, you know, it is the time to walk away or you may have to walk away from this world altogether.

Snake Father Guiding His Children
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