Cracking competitive exams: Success tips

Cracking the competitive exams is an art to be mastered. The taste of success in exams is the result of careful strategy converted into excellent performance. A few simple tips can earn you the victory in the contest.

Competitive Exam

Courtesy: The Hindu

A well planned preparation is an essential ingredient in successfully cracking a competitive exam. However, this alone can never fetch you the desired outcome. The ugly truth is that most of the excellence is not converted into performance and this accounts for the tremendous frustration and bafflement that the aspirants have to face in their endeavor. Months of your prolonged diligence is judged within minutes and hours. The result is that you fail to deliver in spite of all your resolutions.

No need to worry. You have come to the right place. The ability to stand up to the challenge is hidden within your own conscience. You just have to employ certain cool techniques and resurrect the latent senses and the triumph will come dashing behind you. Be sure to utilize the tricks that are listed below if you are really interested in winning the competition.

Tricks to be employed before you appear for the test

  • Practise meditation. This is the best method to gain mental control and patience.
  • Use natural herbs to boost up your memory. Listen to quite music pleasing to ears.
  • Be mentally prepared that you have to take the examination and crack it also.
  • Plan and arrange your tools a day before examination to avoid the last minute rush.
  • Never forget a watch that is fine and in a good working condition.
  • Make a rough idea of how to attempt the different sections of the paper and allot prudent amount of time to each one of them.
  • Take a good amount of sleep the night before the exam and rise early.
  • If your exam is going to last long enough, you can have more chilies in your breakfast. This will make your mind alert and active.
  • Don’t eat too much or too little before the test. You should neither feel exhausted from hunger nor should feel uncomfortable to sit.
  • Check all your necessities such as hall ticket, pen, pencil, eraser and watch before you make the entrance.
  • Forget all your worries and try to experience the inner joy before you enter the examination hall.


Tricks to be employed while you attempt the test

  • Read carefully all the instructions when you are given the paper and provide the necessary details.
  • When you get the question booklet, don’t rush. Have a brief look at all the sections and plan your strategy first.
  • If the questions or the pattern is unexpected, don’t panic. It is the same for everyone. You just have to handle it better than others.
  • Start from the section that is essential for the cut-off marks. If all the sections are equivalent, solve the questions that you are confident at before anything else.
  • If there is a provision for negative marking, learn to leave the questions that are suspicious or time taking.
  • Never look on the other aspirants and adjust your speed. Everyone has a different plan.
  • When 15 minutes or so is left, stop touching tiring and confusing questions. Attempt only those ones that are easy and accurate.
  • When the last minutes arrive, don’t hurry. Maintain the same pace. It is this period when all the fatal mistakes are committed.
  • Remain positive and jovial during the whole examination. Take it as another day in your offering.

To be very frank, competitive exams are just a test of your caliber and nerve. If your psychology is built of steel, you can be sure to crack it provided you attempt is backed by a sound preparation. So, arise, awake and conquer!!!

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