Google Circles: A Concept Defining Quality

Google circles has been a curious topic of debate lately. Google chose to introduce this feature to take its quality to the next level of refinement. Nothing official about this concept, it is clear cut.

When Google introduced its long awaited Google plus one along with the circles, there were quick and varied reactions from all over the blogosphere. Critics were carefully taking their stance on the huge step, so as to protect themselves from being seen as wrong evaluators in case it proved to be a success. Some people even went on to term it a futile attempt evident from the slow and poor acceptance of the audience. The trend was generally to compare it with Facebook and twitter. Nothing much has changed till now, but I tell you, it’s going to change.

It is true that Google circles is a social media tool and should be judged in comparison with the other popular social media platforms. But that is not the whole story. Google circles is a grand new concept which is much more than just a social media tool. It is tailor made to suit the requirements of a user and present him with what he actually needs. It is an idea that is surely going to make a difference.


What is the underlying concept behind Google Circles?

Google circles is a common platform for the google users to share and view the desired content on the web. The prime motive here is to choose your own audience and rate the content according to your own quality perception. The quantity of content flourishing on the web is so huge that it is obviously not possible for google to go through each and every line and detail of a page manually. It is also not plausible for machines to totally replace the quality perception of human beings, no matter how many Panda updates are made. Hence, a service was needed where people themselves have the authority to refer or recommend a content they find useful to their audience. In this way, the rated content would have better chances of being found in a search result by the people referred by you.

The Plus one feature

The plus one toolbar was introduced by Google to give priority to the recommended content. Every user has the ability to give a plus one rating to a content if he finds it useful, right on the post or in google circles stream. When you click on the plus one toolbar, a window opens where you can choose the audience to whom you like to refer the content. The link along with the description is posted to your stream with embedded plus one toolbar.


How is Google circles different from other media tools?

The best advantage of Google circles over the other media tools is that you have complete control over the audience to whom you like to refer a particular content. You can purposely hide the content from one circle and display it to another. The benefit of the ability to have multiple circles is that you may find the suitable audience for your post. Another exclusive distinction is the capability to become the audience for the person of your choice. When you add anyone to your circles, their content is automatically visible to your stream, exactly as in case of facebook subscription to a friend. The basic division is that you don’t have to be a friend here. In addition to all this, you have the ability to add people to your circles without having their consent. It means, you don’t have to confirm a friends request as in the case of facebook.

What’s next?

The full and final punching line of differentiation is that no matter how many likes and comments you get on facebook or the number of re-tweets you get on twitter, it really does not affect your overall ranking and visibility in Google search. But as for a plus one, it does.

Yes, the initial statistics are low and blur, but that’s always the case with a new concept. The slow and steady always wins the race. I am never saying that it is going to replace facebook or twitter. It is rather going to coexist and rock as well in the coming days due to its unique nature and concept. The early you accept it, the better your chances are.


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