Are You an Educated Chuff?

Educated chuffs are messing up the humanity by their savage conduct. Being educated alone cannot make you civilized. You need to control your rustic behavior if you consider yourself an erudite.


Generally, when an illiterate or an in-urbane person is referred, it is assumed that he or she is as much uncivilized and barbarian. What about a person who is well educated and metro-settled, and still acts like a chuff. Isn’t he a bigger threat to the mankind? Education and wealth are never sufficient means to measure civilization. Sometimes people unwittingly perform the similar acts that they themselves accredit to ill breeding. This does a greater harm to humanity than the ones performed by them who are really ignorant.

How to know if you are an educated chuff?

You are an educated chuff if you are educated and,

  • You dump your garbage on the street when no one is around. You are a bigger dullard if you burn the plastic waste to showcase your cleanliness.
  • You scream on the waiter when in a restaurant and speak Greek and Latin to a rickshaw puller. Remember language is just a medium to communicate, not to inflict your supremacy over someone.
  • You smoke cigarettes on public places and puff out the fumes on everybody around. Going berserk after consuming few pegs only reveals your real self to people.
  • You interrupt in a private conversation without seeking consent. You speak too loud in an office or a silence zone.
  • You blow horn without proper reasons and park your vehicle improperly. The inconvenience caused to the people is beyond your comprehension.
  • You mistreat the strangers and misbehave with the outsiders. Metropolitan culture is where people with different cultures coexist in harmony.
These are just few instances and numerous such examples exist that can distinguish a civilized person from an uncultured maverick. Be sure that you don’t fall in the latter category or it will be a blot on your education and upbringing.

How does it affect the society?

Your irresponsible behavior may do much more damage than you can ever comprehend. Intolerance to strangers may promote hatred and discord in the society. Environmental unawareness may lead to excessive pollution and deadly diseases resulting from them. Uncooperative behavior in public premises may attract a lot of chaos and confusion leading to inconvenience to everyone including you. In short, you are much more ominous for your society after being educated than actually when you were barbarian.

How does it harm you?

  • You lose respect and honor in your own eyes and thus your inner strength dwindles leaving you restless.
  • Your reputation is severely and permanently affected if you are caught red handed doing the things that are regarded as unsocial.
  • Though people may not say anything to you directly but they make a good assumption of your whole character based on the few hints they get from your personality.
  • The things done unwittingly usually get instilled into your moral fiber and form lasting habits that are hard to do away with.
  • What you do with others is sure to shoot back at you. Apart from this, your smaller companions too start following your steps.
  • Everything that affects society as a whole is in turn going to affect you as well, be it intolerance or pollution.

So gentlemen and ladies! Act like sensible and rational beings and stop being insane. It is your society and it is what you make of it. Distinguish yourself from antisocial elements and prove that you are really well-informed and cultured. Don’t fall under a chuff’s category.