The inside story of prestigious B-schools of India

There is a great unsung saga behind some very prestigious institutions of India, especially when you talk about B-schools. These MBA institutions are responsible for spoiling the careers of numerous bright students and turning their dream into a nightmare.

The B-schools of India are continuously cheating the MBA aspirants.

Can you see that picture hung right on top of the post? It is this B-school where I got my MBA degree from. Now, there are several questions that would quickly make their way into your mind and as per your doubt, I am ready to answer them. The institution where I got my degree is also somewhere connected to this saga, though not directly. But I am not here to tell you my story, right? Let’s start the real talk.

newspaper clipping displaying the reality of prestigious b-schools of India
Have a quick glance at this newspaper snap on the left side. This is a notice from UGC about a very prestigious MBA college of India, stating clearly that it is not approved for degree. Majority of these notices go unobserved as you do not care to read the section where they are adjusted. A large share of B-schools does not have UGC recognition and even does not have AICTE approval of any kind. It is frustrating to see how many young minds are tempted for admission in these colleges and a lot more provoking to witness the loss of hard earned lucre and damage to the precious career that the students face in the filthy hands of these so called prestigious institutions.



What is the specialty of these B-schools?

  • They are well reputed organized group of institutions run by some of the very influential people of this country.
  • They exhibit high fee structure and continuous manipulated top rankings along with excellent ratings repeatedly in the magazines and the news papers.
  • They have one large campus or at least a well to do premises where they are astute enough to call every aspirant for any institution of their sister concern.
  • They make you feel necessitated to seek admission in their institution by hiring part time intellectuals to greet you at the campus.
  • They either have no degree or have approval from much unsought universities whose certificates are good as nothing.
  • They are excellent marketers and will reach everywhere before you to confirm that you are convinced to take admission.

What happens after you get admitted?

  • You never get to see the campus where you were interviewed. Instead, your study location is shifted to a rented building where third grade lecturers brief you about your topic.
  • You are lost in a mob of peers that is usually 4-5 times greater than the number of seats showcased by the B-school in the prospectus.
  • All their promises and commitments slowly seem to get converted into a distant dream. An elementary school level facility is all that you obtain.
  • With the passage of time you are made to believe that you are a part of an institute that is in no way related to the institute you were interviewed at.
  • You get to know gradually that most of the students admitted have not even attempted any test to qualify and have very poor academic record.
  • Finally, you come to know that your degree is fake and/or you are provided with a certificate of distance education from some very disreputable university.


How to protect yourself from the treachery?

If you have read this article, you must be alarmed by now. You should fully inquire in detail and dig out various sources before submitting the fee to any B-school for admission. You should ascertain that the name of the institution advertised to you and the name you are admitted to are exactly the same. Be prudent enough to ask for the type of degree and affiliation and always protect your receipts and documents to assist you in case you encounter a forgery.

To know more about choosing a B-school for admission, please read this article- Choosing MBA institute for admission. Good luck!