Why do men cheat?

Wonder, why men cheat so much in spite of getting everything they want. Is it usual for men to cheat their partners or it is just a reflection of your ignorance towards some vital aspects of relationship?

Man Holding Woman in Armsboy kissing and seducing a girl from behind

Men by nature are tramps, wandering here and there in quest of a better backdrop, unclasping one destination to search for another. Does this provide them the license to cheat and deceive without being questioned? Does it not hurt to find a con artist in a person you loved and admired for years? Why are men such big tricksters? You can rummage around for the answers on the net but find none of them to be satisfactory enough to give you some poise. Let me tell you what is it all about.

So what makes them play with your emotions?

Men do not cheat; they are forced by the women to do so. Stunned?  Let me clarify it to you; while it is commonly believed that men cheat women when they are bored, there is a more specific explanation to why they do this. Generally, men cheat women because they have no other option. They do not cheat because they find a more attractive woman than you as rumored by some third grade thinkers but because you fail to provide him the amount of love and attention needed to bind him together with you. Men cheat when they don’t feel emotionally attached to their partner.

How does this theory work?

Right from the childhood men are born and brought up in an atmosphere that makes them tough and cool, which means they are taught to subdue their sentiments and gulp down their displeasure. They are accustomed to remain calm on their issues. Though they may seem contended, they never get exactly what they look for. This makes them seek out for alternate survival skills. What they cannot attain through honesty, they decide to achieve it the other way.

As the first movers they have the plus

Men are the ones who are usually expected to make the first move in a relationship. As such, they go out finding the most suitable person to propose and flirt. Women on the other hand are bound by the rules. They have numerous proposals but no choice of their own. This makes them become easy prey to the tricksters that are apt at flattery and adept in cheating. The key reason is that women make their choice out of the people who go after them and in turn are not able to respect them from within which ultimately leads to the results.

Having no choice means having freedom

Generally, men have no proposals to their credit. Even if they are in a relationship, they are the ones who always have to compromise to continue.  Very few women respect men or their men to be more specific because they get everything they ask for from one source or another. Under this condition, it makes no difference for men whether they are here or there. They are going to receive the same treatment elsewhere, so why not go for a better or newer adventure. This idea sets them free.

Apology without mistake is slavery

If you make your man feel guilty or plead for your mistakes, then he is either already cheating you or will be forced to cheat you soon. Though it may seem a trivial issue as most men willingly perform this act, but they do this because they already know your behavior and fear facing your reaction. And when they do this, they may look quite normal but they have already made up their mind to betray your love.

A word to a wise is enough

Men are hurt by words and not by swords and who knows it better than women. Some words spoken in emotional upsurge may damage the delicate heart of a robust guy and turn him off for ever without you even noticing it. When a man gets to know what you exactly thought of him, he may take another stance and you may feel proud at your position until you get to see him in someone else’s arms.

They love their mothers, yet cheat them

Men love their mothers but cannot help but cheat them even. It is because this world is in peace due to many things that we don’t know. If you doubt my statement, try speaking everything correctly to your parents and see the reaction. The implication is that men can cheat even when they love someone but that may not be as harsh as choosing another bed.

What can be done about it?

If you have already been a victim, you can do nothing much because once men makeup their mind it becomes really heard to move them. However, if you have not been cheated and want to remain secure, you can follow the following advices.
  • If you don’t love someone, don’t befriend him just because of his great effort and dedication towards you. If you do so, you are someday going to break his and your own hearts.
  • Don’t make him say sorry for every wrong committed by you. It is sure to backfire one day.
  • Don’t judge people by how they behave with you, but instead see what they do with others, those who don’t have any incentives for them. You will quickly recognize the pests.
  • Treat your man as an equal human being. Don’t react abruptly on anything and everything. Give him the opportunity to speak out his words.
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