Meditation: The Power of Mind

Meditation is a tried and tested tool of mental control. It is one of the most effective techniques of developing the power of your mind and synchronizing your physical state with your inner self.

Meditation is an ancient technique of attaining mental and physical wellness that is still used in abundance where all other methods seem to fail miserably. Through centuries people have relied upon this age old device for curing many chronic diseases and conditions. Truly speaking, it is miracle of your senses and a lovely gift of nature to humans.

What is meditation actually?

Various online and offline sources have tried to define meditation on their own terms and compulsions, but there is no definition that is universally accepted as far as meditation is concerned. This is because different cultures and traditions practised meditation in their own unique way and thus there are numerous forms and types of meditation that are used today. All of these are targeted on brain boosting methods but with varied angles and perspectives and hence cannot provide a satisfactory meaning of meditation.

However, there is one thing common among all these versions, that is the power of concentration. Meditation is essentially a technique of awakening your latent mental power by means of concentrating on a particular object or an idea. This implies that while you meditate, you synchronize your physiological being with your spiritual being and experience the inner peace and tranquillity. Contrary to common perception, you can meditate wherever you like in whatever way you prefer. The common goal is to seek your inner self and merge your identity with it.

Benefits of meditation

Meditation provides a huge bunch of benefits to its practitioners. It can miraculously heal many physical and mental symptoms that are otherwise considered never ending cases. Here are some ultimate advantages associated with meditation,

Developing mental powers

  • Boosts your memory with better intuition and recall capacity
  • Stabilizes your behavior and inculcates emotional maturity
  • Improves your listening and understanding capabilities
  • Helps in quitting several bad habits like smoking and alcohol addiction
  • You can learn faster and judge more prudently
  • Controls your reactions and helps build a socially acceptable character
  • Increases creativity and aids in overcoming fears

Improving and revitalizing health

  • Increases blood flow and decreases the reaction time
  • Normalizes body weight to an ideal one
  • Improves the flow of air to lungs and cures respiratory disorders
  • More energy and vigour with a fit and active body
  • Develops natural disease fighting capability
  • Increases exercise tolerance by decreasing muscle tension

Curing chronic diseases

  • Cures infertility and all sort of weaknesses
  • Helps in curing insomnia and getting a good night sleep
  • Chronic illnesses like asthma and arthritis are controlled
  • Re-establishes control over muscles and strengthens them
  • Reduces anxiety and helps in overcoming stress
  • Decreases cholesterol level and protects you against heart diseases
  • Acts on nervous system to cure headache and migraines

Inducing inner peace

  • Provides inner peace and happiness
  • Gives the ability to forgive and forget minor issues
  • Increases consciousness and self actualization
  • Builds self confidence and a balanced personality
  • Gaining enlightenment and oneness with God
  • Creates confidence by realizing your powers

When, where and how to meditate?

For best results, meditation should be done in calm and quite surrounding that is clean and pollution free. Make sure, you have no appointments at the time. The best time is just after taking a bath in the twilight hours that is either evening or morning. It is because this is the most peaceful moment with optimum amount of light in the sky (Neither too much nor too little). Sit down and relax in a comfortable posture (Ideally with folded legs and closed eyes with straight back). You can even lie down, if you are exhausted and don’t feel like sitting. Now relax; then, breathe deeply and slowly. Concentrate on an object or a thing that enlightens you or makes you happy. You can even experiment on a pleasing music or an awesome portrait or scenery. Sometimes, you can chant a sacred verse or a slogan if you have difficulty in concentrating.

 In Hindu scriptures, “OM” word has been mentioned that contains five letters (A,O, E, U and M) and creates miraculous vibrations to produce starling results in a short span of time. To pronounce this correctly, you have to round your lips and release the air from stomach (Means breathe out from deep within). You can choose any other word or phrase though, depending on your priorities or even choose to be silent. Your only goal is meditation and it never matters what path you follow to reach there.