Top 100 Rajnikanth Jokes: Page 3

This is the third page of the Top hundred Rajnikanth series. Rajnikanth has become a millennium man for his followers, a man gifted with amazing supernatural powers, though in jokes. Let us have some fun now.

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Even Google can't mess with Rajnikanth



Top 100 Rajnikanth jokes: Part 3

Joke 41
Rajnikanth does not answer nature’s call. The nature answers his call.
Joke 42
Rajnikanth is so fast that he always comes yesterday.
Joke 43
Once Rajnikanth said to a quite shy girl, “Please, talk something”
That girl is today called Dolly Bindra.
Joke 44
When Rajnikanth switches on his AC without closing the doors, winter starts in India.
Joke 45
Rajnikanth once participated in a spelling test.
The rough sheet he used is today known as “Oxford dictionary”
Joke 46
Once Rajnikanth donated blood to a very small, thin and malnourished child…… Today that child is called ”The great Khali” !
Joke 47
Rajnikanth participates in long jump every four years and those years are called Leap years.
Joke 48
Once Rajnikanth used the support of a building to tie his shoelace. The building is today known as the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Joke 49
When Rajnikanth gets angry at the sun, it hides itself behind the moon. This phenomenon is known as the Solar ellipse.
Joke 50
Rajni never tweets, he only roars.
Joke 51
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is hospitalized with serious injury.
Sources reveal that Rajnikanth poked him on facebook.
Joke 52
Once Rajnikanth’s pencil broke while giving CAT exam.
..From the next year CAT was made online.
Joke 53
Latest facts of pyramids-
The pyramids were not actually made by Egyptians.
Those are Rajnikanth’s primary school geometry projects.
Joke 54
Once Rajnikanth entered Big Boss. Next day the announcement was made…
Rajnikanth chahate hain ki Big Boss confession room me aayen. (Rajnikanth wants the Big Boss to come in the confession  room.)
Joke 55
Rajnikanth once wrote a cheque…..
…… the bank bounced !
Joke 56
Once Rajnikanth was invited as the guest contestant in the KBC.
Amitabh Bachchan: Computer ji apna pahla sawaal poochhiye.
Computer: Mai lifeline use karna chahta hun.
Joke 57
Why does Rajnikanth wear sunglasses?
……. To protect sun from his eyes!!!
Joke 58
The Rajnikanth award goes to Oskar.
Joke 59
Once while playing, Rajnikanth told “Statue” to a person.
He is still world famous as the Statue of Libery.
Joke 60
Rajnikanth once farted after a heavy meal.
The gas is today known as Ozone layer.

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