Poems for Mother's Day

Searching poems for mother’s day occasion. Here comes the third part of the beautiful mother’s day poems for you- A list worth exploring.

Though mother is a person who should be revered and loved each day, mother’s day was made, so that, we may not forget to thank her for all her efforts that she put up in upbringing us right from the childhood. These poems highlight the importance of that special person in our lives, not just on mother’s day but each day you spend under her worthy shade. If you are looking for some short poems for mother’s day, you may like this post, Short and Sweet Mother’s DayPoems.

Mother's Day Poem:11

What is a Mother - J. Kyler McManus

What is a Mother?-
She's someone who shares
In all of your problems,
Your joys and your cares-
Someone who gives you
Right from the start
The warmth and the loves
Of her motherly heart
Someone who's loyal
And helpful and dear
And seems to grow more so
As year follows year
Life is much brighter
And happier, too
Because there are Mothers-
Mothers like you.

Mother's Day Poem:12

Mother – John Greenleaf Whittier

A picture memory brings to me;
I look across the years and see
Myself beside my mother's knee.
I feel her gentle hand restrain
My selfish moods, and know again
A child's blind sense of wrong and pain.
But wiser now,
a (wo)man gray grown,
My childhood's needs are better known.
My mother's chastening love I own.

Mother's Day Poem:13

Happy Mother's Day- Norma Nelson

I know I don’t see much
Of you these days,
But nothing can compare
Of how
Much I think about you
How much I love you
Each day more then
The day before,
How I see you in
Me more as the years go by.
And how I love that
In me,
Because of you I am
Who I am.
Strong, honest, open,
Loving, giving and
Thank you Mom
For being there and
For all
You’ve done.
For all you are
“My Mother”
Happy Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Poem:14

If I Could Give You Diamonds- Author Unknown

If I could give you diamonds
for each tear you cried for me.
if I could five you sapphires
for each truth you've helped me see.
If I could give you rubies
for the heartache that you've known
If I could give you pearls
for the wisdom that you've shown.
Then you'll have a treasure, mother,
that would mount up to the skies
That would almost match
the sparkle in your kind and loving eyes.
But I have no pearls, no diamonds,
As I'm sure you're well aware
So I'll give you gifts more precious
My devotion, love and care.

Mother's Day Poem:15

Happy Mother's Day- Carol Matthews

A Mother loves right from the start.
She holds her baby close to her heart.
The bond that grows will never falter.
Her love is so strong it will never alter.
A Mother gives never ending Love.
She never feels that she has given enough.
For you she will always do her best.
Constantly working, there's no time to rest.
A Mother is there when things go wrong.
A hug and a kiss to help us along.
Always there when we need her near.
Gently wipes our eyes when we shed a tear.
So on this day shower your Mother with Love.
Gifts and presents are nice but that is not enough.
Give your Mother a day to have some peace of mind.
Be gentle, be good, be helpful, be kind.
Happy Mothers Day.

Mother's Day Poem:16

Ode to Mothers – Kristin F. McKendall

Mothers cannot do it all
But surely do they try.

Mothers hear the angel's call,
To comfort all who cry.

Mothers for themselves may fall,
For others they will fly.

Mother's bear the weight of all,
For their children, they would die.

A Mother's gift extends beyond
All bounds of time and space.

Her lovingness and nurturing
Make Earth a peaceful place.

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