The Indian Nation in Peril

The ongoing political drama has put Indian democracy in the state of silent simmer that often culminates into an outburst of public sentiment. Add to it the underlying rivalry of social groups and hidden conspiracies towards the best performing assets of this nation - the stage is set for an unheralded turmoil.

Not long ago had India witnessed the general elections and applauded the upsurge of anti-government instincts to dizzying heights, the chaos has reached to its zenith capitalizing upon the inept backing by the ruling bunch. The movement of change, as they call it, has done little good to the already ailing country, but has left deep, searing scars on the impartial souls of the cheated masses who still await the wave of hatred to recede. The motto of the movement has been unveiled – A sullen India ruled by the insensitive extremists enjoying everything without having a darn care for the national integrity.

The paid Indian media has played a dubious role in ascertaining the flow of unbiased information to the public, giving them a flawed outlook to the worsening situation in the country. The absolute condition is different from what many people presume – You have been plundered by the ones you gushed as your heroes. They are probably the ones who are responsible for unexplained attacks on the Indian Army camps within the country itself. They shamelessly allied with the traitors to clutch the throne, and now appeasing them to maintain the status quo.

It would be a shock to most of the oblivious voters of this great nation if they come to know the concealed facts of the drama that obsessed the people with the dream of good days. I am not a congress stalwart, but the maoist attack on congress leaders in Madhya Pradesh cannot be termed as a coincident. It was a firm portrayal of their solidarity with the then opposition and blatant disrespect for the parliamentary structure of this nation. The media, after acquiring the latest technology, broke all bounds in juggling up the facts, and covertly consented to destabilizing this nation so that the goal 273 could somehow be achieved.

There are numerous instances of the Indian media closely and fearlessly spying the current opposition with a nod from the government. The other wing – The Maoist group that has now spread to every nook and corner of this country – is engaged ceaselessly in creating disorder. The business class, which aims at the failure of a people led true democracy, is funding the perpetrators. And finally, the police, having their own scores to settle, are watching the proceedings as instructed to them.

The rebellion that could muster less than one third of the country’s population has posed the menace of existence to the two third of the peaceful people of this country. Brute force is being used to silence the honest critics who loathe the idea of seeing this amazing land shatter into pieces. We live in fear and mistrust today, more than any other nation or state. Our quest for freedom is losing the willpower.