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What to do baba is a problem solving blog. It was established with the view to find authentic and sufficient solution to the day to day problems of people and society. The author had noticed plenty of unstructured and insufficient content flourishing on the web that generally spoil a good amount of time of the surfer. This led to the resolution of providing quality content on some very important topics that people generally inquire about.

The blog aspires to provide its readers with up to date and well researched information on the topics discussed. The aim is clear- deal the topic in such a way as to leave least possible room for speculation or further search. This saves a great deal of time of the researcher. However, it will be a pleasure on part of the author to receive its readers' feedback on the posts and kind indications of the issues that have been left out or not dealt with properly. Any new opinion or suggestion is always welcomed.



Though extra care is taken to ensure that the content provided to you is up to date and authentic in every way, nothing is absolute in this universe. The ideas portrayed by the author may differ drastically from the general perception and your opinion may or may not tally with the information portrayed. This site is not responsible for any contrast from the belief that you pursue. This blog is dedicated towards contradicting false notions and this may not provide you social security or confirmation.

Further, it is human tendency to commit mistakes. Even when the content is twice checked before publication, errors may creep in, resulting in the misinterpretation of information by you. If you find any discrepancy in our content, you may inform us at: As soon as we get your information, we will make the changes if we find it relevant. However, you will not be able to seek court assistance due to any unintentional damage done to you through our mistakes. It is obvious therefore that you use your own common sense while judging any confusing point, word or phrase.


Thank You!

What To Do Baba thanks you for granting your precious time and going through our objectives. We are extremely happy to see you arrive at our blog. Hope, you will find this site useful and interesting and drop a few repeat visits. Thank you again!