Signs of a romantic partner: What to seek in him

Looking for a romantic partner? How will you know when you really meet him? What are the traits that govern his character? Know with me.

A Romantic Partner


There is much fuss and gossip about what characteristics a romantic partner really comprises of? How does he/she look like? What is the behavior that portrays the romantic nature of an individual? In all this talk, the thing that we often ignore is hidden attributes that cannot be judged directly. You cannot rely on the outward information provided by the concerned person.

So, the question now arises, how exactly then you will find out whether you have got the right partner or not? This is not as difficult as it seems to be. The only thing you need to do is to look for some obvious clues. You need to focus on the areas that you rarely consider important. And lo! You may find some starling facts that you never knew. You will be amazed to decipher a new explanation all together.

Why then wait for the moment to expire. Let us have a quick glance at ..... what features a lad will show if he is really romantic –

He will arrange the glass before you ask for it. I mean he will rarely give you a reason to scream. Your secret wishes will be his best bet.

A romantic bloke definitely enjoys rain. A sigh of relief, excitement and exuberance will accompany his face. You can find his nature more amiable and magnetic in those moments.

A romantic guy will look at your eyes. He may sometimes become unaware of the surroundings but don’t blame him for this.

A person loving hill stations is a sure shot romantic. A romantic man prefers nature to market. You may disagree, but this is what is true.

A romantic person will love your looks, smile but will rarely mention it unless you are too close to him. Faith is what can keep him intact.

An artiste is always romantic provided he is driven by his heart rather than the skill set.

Finally, look for a lad who hates feigning. He has a God gifted romantic bug in him.

After having known the attributes of a romantic partner, it will be better that you learn to recognize unromantic creatures also, only to be aware not to fall prey when you come across them. So, here we go-

He will be too much aware and over think you in every department. A boy by nature is lesser clever than a girl. If he is not, he is fake.

He will try to avoid direct eye contact and you will not be able to catch his intention. Mind girls, even when I have said this I fear you may fail to behold his cunningness, because he does not fear you, he fears his purpose.

A pretentious person will agree with you whatever you say. He will praise women whenever he gets a chance. I know, you love it, but this is your weakness.

A romantic person avoids too much confirmation with the social norms. An unromantic person however fears society and complies with every trend.

A book can be written on this topic, but what matters is your attitude. If you really want to enjoy romance you have to forget all that you have been taught in this society. You have been misled by men for their purpose. And the situation is, you cannot recognize the right person that you come across and make a wrong choice. The result is the wastage of your romantic life. I would say only one thing to all the people seeking romantic partners- Let your arms wide open........and you have found it.