What To Do After 12th

Wondering what to do after 12th, you are not the only person facing this problem. Here is a practical guide to what you can do after 12th. Read this article tailor made for you.


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The time you pass 12th you come across the most deciding moment of your career. It is better then, to know all the pros and cons of different options available for you and make a right career move. Before you start any further, you must keep in mind that the goal of education is not only to earn a living, but also to lead a life worth meaning. Your interests should match with your skill set and your inherent qualities. That will make you go long way without deviation and help you achieve what you really aspire for.

Career options after 12th

After you complete your +2, the first thing for you to do is to sit quietly and analyze your long term goal. Now, this is the area where you need no interference. No one knows you better than yourself. Try to choose a field that relates to your natural abilities, as well as, copes well with your future ambitions. It is this strategy that will fetch you success.

What to do if you are from science stream

If you like physics, engineering is a good bet for you. You can undertake any stream of your choice. The most common ones are- Electronics and Communications, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering and Civil. Engineering courses come in different forms such as BE (Bachelor Of Engineering), B Tech (Bachelor Of Technology), B Arch (Bachelor Of Architecture) and so on. All these courses teach the same thing, but with a different perspective. You should get a proper picture of what you are going to make out of them.

If your inclination is towards chemistry, you may prefer to pursue Chemical Engineering. You also have the choice of medical or laboratory courses. For student from biology background, medical courses like MBBS, Radiology, Nursing, Homeopathy, Unani Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine and Pharmacy may be the obvious selection. If mathematics lures you, statistics is the foremost advice from me. Apart from that, courses like Bachelor in Agriculture, Research and Computer courses (such as BCA) are open to all.

What to do if you are from arts background

If you are from Arts, you probably have that artistic instinct ingrained in you. In that case, you can opt for Journalism, Mass communications, Print media, Animation, Anchoring, Editing and so on. In addition, Fashion Designing, Hospitality and Interior decorating offer a jubilant pathway to successful career. You may even like to pursue simple graduation courses in Political science, Psychology, Geography, History etc. if you are planning to enter into other fields such as government services or a psychologist.

What to do if you are from Commerce stream

If you have businessman acumen in you, BBA should be your first choice, ultimately leading to MBA which will lead you further to your goal. Commerce addicts may prefer having a B Com degree taking it to M Com. Various courses such as CA, CS, ICWA, Banking etc. are also befitting to the current market demands. The jobs you should be eying for include managers, administrators, chartered accountants, financial consultants, stock market experts and so on. Economics is another subject that may prove to be noteworthy to your aspirations. It is the base of forecasting and economic analysis.

Now, that you have a fair idea of different courses available for you, it merely depends on your anticipation of the kind of future you look forward to. The last word I would like to say is that never compromise with your interest and never undermine your potential. You have all the capability to create your future. The only thing you need to do after 12th is to listen to your senses. Whatever be the result, it will just be a reflection of that.