What to do for interview

Going to appear for an interview and concerned about what to do. Don’t be bothered anymore. Go through this post and find the ultimate tips on how to face it and convert it into a success.

what to do at the interview
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For many aspirants, interview is a terrible dream, haunting their memories incessantly. They wonder why they fail in spite of magnificent efforts and a well to do capability. If you too face the similar situation, don’t panic. Just relax and take a deep breath. You will make it to the end, provided you follow some really cool advice that I have for you.

Purpose of an interview

An interview is designed not only to test your skill set, but also with a view to delve deeper into your personality. The main focus is to check your compliance with the job demands. Don’t ever think that you can impress the interviewer with your superior knowledge and intelligence. What you need to do is to prove your fitness to the job demands and your coherence with the work environment. Yes, other factors are there, but they are a bit less important when it comes to priority.


Interview preparation

This is the most important phase of your mission interview. If your preparation is deficient, I am sorry, but you have already lost the battle. So, don’t compromise on that. After all, it is the only thing that is under your control.


What to do before an interview

[1]  Research thoroughly about the company, its vision, mission, business tactics and board of directors. This information may come in handy during the meeting.

[2]  Make a professional looking resume- not too long, not too short. Try to include your special skills, experience and achievements on the top and educational qualification and personal information thereafter. Avoid any grammatical error in your resume. This is the worst element of your first impression.

[3]  Make a list of probable questions and their best answers and memorize them by heart. While preparing the answers, just try to visualize the impact it will have on the interviewer.

[4]  Maintain a good personal hygiene and take proper rest. What you need to do is to make yourself physically fit and mentally sound.

[5]  Go through your resume and make sure you remember all the content listed there. Your answer should not deviate from what you have mentioned in it.

[6]  Dress formally with suitable attire fitting well to your body. Don’t forget your hair and your shoes. They should be ultra neat and clean.

[7]  Before going for interview, have a good look at the news headlines. Who knows, the interviewer may check your general awareness.

[8]  Reach there on time. If you cannot arrive on time for interview, the interviewer will assume that you don’t make a responsible employee.


What to do at the interview

[1]  The moment you arrive there greet everybody enthusiastically. Now a days, companies are also taking note of your office etiquettes and manners.

[2]  Wait patiently till your turn arrives. In the meantime, you can have light discussion with your companions. Be cautious to avoid chaos and audible conversation over there.

[3]  Don’t be threatened by the mob you see there. They are just your competitors and in no way better than you.

[4]  Always remember to switch off your cell phones before you are invited by the interview panel. If it rings amid the interview, your ignorance and carelessness will get highlighted.

[5]  When you get the call, walk in a calm and composed manner. If the door is not open you should knock it before making an entrance. In any case, remember to ask permission before you make your way inside the room.

[6]  The first thing to do when you get in is to greet the interview panel with a warm smile and a firm handshake if they offer their hand.

[7]  Ask for your seat if you are not already offered one. Thank them for the space they provided. Then sit calmly in a positive and attentive posture (Both hands apart, straight back, head slightly tilted forward and face griming with confidence).

[8]  When asked to introduce yourself, keep it short and informative. Never overload it with personal information. Instead, include your residence, education, experience, achievements and your special qualities.

[9]  Maintain eye contact but don’t stare. Dole out subtle smiles at proper intervals at suitable places. Include some sense of humor.

[10]  Don’t agree with each and everything an interviewer has to say. You have all the leisure to disagree politely citing your opinion on the issue.

[11]  Don’t criticize or blame anybody during an interview. It leaves a really bad impression on the employer.

[12]  While negotiating salary, be clear-cut but don’t force your intent on them. Let them decide what is good for you. You may even get more than your expectations.

[13]  Try to give short and optimistic answer to every question you are bombarded with. Be expressive and up to point in the conversation.

[14]  Finally, thank the interviewer before leaving the room. Say that it was nice meeting him and you look forward to meet him again.


What to do after the interview

If the interviewer has told you to wait for a particular date, you should wait for it. In case, you don’t get a call, always call to confirm your position. Meanwhile, keep the contacts open and check your mails regularly. 

This is all that takes to crack an interview. What is important that your confidence level be high. A small preparation will do the rest. Till then, enjoy the cartoon below!

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