What To Do When Bored In Class

Bored and frustrated in the classroom and clueless about what to do next? Put your worry aside and learn some innovative ways of overcoming this boredom for no extra dollar.
Students Bored In The Classroom
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With due respect, I dedicate this post to those extra-intelligent beings, 

Who are not bookish but facebookish, 

Who prefer to come late in the classroom instead of opening the gate of the classroom, 

Who cherish the distant sight of the teacher rather than risking a zoom view.

I too was one such creature who often used to glorify the ambiance of the classroom by his presence. Though my teachers would be missing me acutely, it is not plausible for me to join them now unless they call me for the post of lecturer and this, they won’t. Even if they invited, looking at what I did with my lecturers, I would surely refrain from accepting any such offer. After all, I hate the idea of boring a whole class and receiving jubilant remarks in return of the service rendered. I would rather love to concentrate on devising cool tips for the bored and exhausted ones lying flat in their classroom.

So, what to do when bored in class?

There are plenty of ways to chill, but I prefer the practical ones that are easy to do and hard for the teacher to notice and attract any punishment for you.

Here is what you can do when bored in class

Method 1:

Interrupt the teacher and ask stupid questions. When explained, derive some irrelevant meaning and convey it to the instructor saying that you understood it and how easy the topic was.

Method 2:

Ask the instructor to be audible enough as you can’t follow him. Repeat the same request when he is louder. After sometime say him that he is too loud and his voice is harsh on the ears.

Method 3:

Frequently visit toilet (after every 5 minutes). When interrupted, say that you are suffering with incontinence and ask him if he has any better option under these conditions.

Method 4:

Take a nap. When awaken by the instructor, say that you were concentrating on the subject. If the teacher asks you anything, reply him saying that you don’t have a good memory and that’s why you were trying to pay extra attention.

Method 5:

Raise your hand on every question and put it down the time asked to answer. If cross questioned, say that you thought, you knew the answer but quickly recognized that you didn’t. At the same time, promise him that you would not disappoint him on your next attempt.

Method 6:

Every now and then, stand up on your seat and cite your father’s example on the topic. Then, seriously turn to the class and make everyone believe that you are greatly inspired by him. Conclude by hoping that everyone derived a lesson from him.

Method 7:

Try to make a sketch of the teacher while he is delivering the lecture. If disturbed, reply him that you admire him greatly and you wanted to make a portrait of him and show it to your children when they really arrived. Persuade him to stand still, so that, you may come up with a better sketch.

Method 8:

Raise your hand innocently and ask a very irritating question. If the instructor dares to elucidate the topic, come up with a new inquiry. Keep him asking repeatedly new questions, till he is really frustrated and gives up the conversation.

Method 9:

Hide your lips and make strange sounds. Then look sideways feeling disturbed. Repeat this act several times without being noticed and show that you are really annoyed and agitated.

Method 10:

Drop your pen every minute in different directions and ask someone to fetch it. Finally, borrow a pen from your instructor and drop it also till it converts into a waste.

If this was not enough for you then you lived up to my expectations. I will feel despaired if someone is satisfied with these tips because I love creativity in youth. I will really appreciate if you share your innovative thoughts on what you do in similar circumstances. It will be of great help to the struggling novices. Thanks a lot for paying attention. Lol!