What to eat after workout

What you eat after a workout has an emphatic effect on your muscle building rationale. Explore with me some obvious points on how to manage your post workout meal in an efficient and effective manner.

Best Foods To Eat After Workout
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If you are fed up with the fuss and gossips about post workout meals, you have finally arrived to the right place. This never implies that I am a great specialist body trainer. What I only have to say is that there is nothing really very official about it. You just have to stick to a solid healthy diet that fulfills your body needs optimally. The rest- your body will do on its own.

Going by what experts say, you have a window period of an hour after the workout which is the most important period for your post workout feeding. Some people even extend this period to about 24 hours. Don’t be confused. The sooner you have your meal, the better it will work for your body. Your body is depleted of glycogen after the catabolism during your muscles training. In addition, it needs amino acids for protein synthesis and anabolic activities. So, the best meal would be a balanced diet which is rich in protein and carbs. 

Another important aspect of post workout meal is the frequency of food intake. To provide your body with regular supply of essential nutrients, you ought to have frequent meals. Instead of taking a big heavy dose, you must prefer small or medium doses at regular intervals. Be sure, to give your body sufficient time to digest your previous stuff. Otherwise, it may turn the other way round.

What to include in your meal after workout

Foods To Take After Exercise


Whey protein powder

It is a good source of quality protein and can be taken in liquid form just few minutes after the workout. It is quick to digest and will provide your body with easy protein replenishment.


Milk contains amino acids and electrolytes in abundance to assist in protein synthesis and hydration. It also has calcium and other essential nutrients all at one place. Those people having lactase intolerance should take it along with lactase pills.

Non-veg items

Chicken, meat, eggs or fish- all are pretty rich in protein. They should obviously make it to your choice after the tedious exercise and muscle strain.

Cereals and nuts

Nuts and dried fruits also have sufficient amount of protein in them. Apart from this, legumes such as lentils, peas, beans, grams and so on provide the best vegetarian protein.

Vegetable protein

Beets, potatoes, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, eggplant, mushrooms etc. have a good amount of protein in them. In addition, they have the roughage that is necessary to maintain a healthy digestive system.


The best sources of carbohydrates are fruits, but I will advice you against their use in your diet. It is because excessive presence of anti-oxidants will hamper your metabolic activities rather than do a good to you. If you have fruits, include them in small quantity or take them at least after half an hour post your meal. Instead you should rely on whole grains, brown rice, oatmeal and grains like amaranth or quinoa. These should capture a good share of your dietary plans after the exercise.


Water stands to be the main ingredient of your body mass. So, after you sweat it out, you need it in greater amounts and frequently. But always keep one thing in mind- it should never be anywhere around your meals. At least a gap of 15 minutes before the meal and 30-45 minutes after having the meal is the ideal time for water intake.

What to avoid in your post workout meal


Though a little amount of fat will do no harm, it will slower your digestion rate and shatter your plan of taking regular meals. On the other hand, it does no good to you either. Fats are best taken at dinner. This is the rule of thumb.


You have many food supplements available in the market such as Dextrose or L-glutamine. They do nothing, but support your body in digestion, assimilation and anabolism. If you become dependent on them they may have adverse effect on your own body performance.

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