What to eat before workout

Pre-workout meal is an important aspect of your exercise regime. You should be careful in deciding what to eat and what to avoid before a workout. Here is a thorough examination of preferred foods that may work wonders for you.

Foods To Eat Before Workout
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Before embarking on any exercise regime you should know that your sole aim is to gain valuable muscles and reduce body fat. For that reason you tend to avoid carbohydrates. But when it comes to eating before a workout, it is just the opposite. You need a good amount of blood sugar to assist you in the competition or you may fall prey to nausea or body cramps. Pre-workout meal is also important because skipping them may make you overeat afterwards to compensate for the loss of sugar. In addition, you may fall prey to energy deficiency and end up doing less than what you could have done normally. Not only this, be aware not to overeat. It is a lot more harmful than an empty stomach.

Foods to eat before a workout

Include carbohydrates

Oatmeal, whole grains, idli, pastry and bread- all are rich sources of carbohydrates. Take one or few of them in small quantity. Though you need carbohydrates, don’t feast on them. Our liver stores energy in the form of glycogen which is used up when you workout. It is therefore advisable to use those foods which are easily digestible by our body.

Thrive on fruits

Fruits are the instant sources of energy in the form of fructose and sucrose. They also contain essential minerals and vitamins in them. The most useful ones are listed here-

Apple- It contains a moderate level of sugar. The pectin fiber in it slows down the rate of absorption of sugar into your blood stream making you last longer in the exercise.

Banana- It is rich in carbohydrate and contains potassium that prevents cramps.

Oranges- Again rich in carbohydrates and is loaded with electrolytes that avoid cramps to occur.

You can also have fruits such as grapes, berries, pineapples and so on. They are all rich in anti-oxidants.

Whey protein

If your exercise schedule is an hour or more from now, you can try it out. It helps in fat burning and paves the way for body to construct anti-oxidants.

Water and fluids

To protect yourself from dehydration, drink proper amount of water well before you commence on your workout routine. You can have few sips though amid your workout. Fruit juices are the best way to avoid dehydration as well as aid in combating energy deficiency. Tomato juice is also a good thing to try out.

Foods to avoid before a workout

Proteins and fats

These foods take long to digest and can be a source of gastric as well. They drain the sugar off the blood stream to use it in digestion. If you have to take them, take them at least 2-3 hours prior to your workout.


Foods that contain fiber can cause cramps to occur. Since, fibers are not digested by body, they should be avoided before a workout. What you need is the minimum load on your stomach.


Supplements like caffeine, fat burners or ephedrine HCL all cause constriction on vascular glands. Though many people use them, I will advise you to be cautious against their use.

Timing before a pre-workout meal

What matters the most for your pre-workout meal is your timing. The larger the gap between your meal and your workout, the more stuff you can take in. You can even include some good quality protein and a little amount of fat in your diet. What time you eat at is as important as what you eat. The best gap according to me would be of an hour or less depending upon your priorities.


Though you are generally advised to eat as little as possible before a workout, there are always exceptions to a rule. People affected with diabetes or hypoglycemia should never workout empty stomach. These diseases tend to lower the blood stream sugar and hence they can go for a workout right after having their meal.

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