What To Do When You Are In Love

Being in love itself means that you don’t know what to do. When in love, people do the things otherwise considered absurd. Don’t be one of them. Make your love your might and sense its supple touch.

Heart Image For Those In Love
                                     Courtesy: Garden-mind.com

Before you proceed any further, a line of thought from the great Indian saint.

“Strength is life, weakness is death.” –Swami Vivekananda

Love is the transformation of soul from mere being to a state of wholesome existence where individuals lose their personal identity and become one. It is not a crisis seeking attention, it is a precious gift bestowed upon us by the creator. Love is mightier than the swords. It is softer than the air.  Don’t fall in love. Rather, rise to its glory. Relish its presence.

The big question arises then how. Majority of people waste their time searching for online tips and end up getting worthless guidance that either make them more crazy or ruin their love life forever. The first thing you need to learn ASAP is that love cannot be acquired or fetched. It just happens. As such, you cannot make anyone fall in love with you. If you do, it will be a fake one and will last only as long as your real identity is hidden from the concerned person. The moment it is revealed (and it is bound to be revealed), you are finished.

So, what to do when you are in love? 

You can at least stop doing some absurd things and at most start performing some intelligent acts.  I know, this is the toughest ask for a person if he is in love. But the truth is, this is the only method, tried and tested over years and repeatedly referred to the love-smitten souls by the love-blown spirits.  Here is what you can do under these circumstances-

Do nothing

Do nothing extra to ensure that you don’t commit any fatal mistake. Majority of the sentiments become blur after a period of time. It is therefore not prudent to force open the gate of chaos and misery. If you are really in love however, you will not be able to stop yourself for long.

Don’t panic, be yourself

When you discover the inevitable, don’t freak. Nervousness is a sign of low confidence and makes you prone to mistakes. Project your real self to her. This is an essential ingredient in building a long lasting relationship.

Remember your limits

You better know your limits while dealing with relationships. Neither follow her blindly nor let go easily. A gradual and consistent effort is required to develop mutual trust and reliance.

Love is not selfish, it is selfless

You may like the stars but they are not meant for your private collection. When you love someone, never seek back the same affection. You have full control over your own heart. Just love and practice your might.

Love is caring, not careless

Don’t be too much worried about the result. Care for yourself and your partner. Make your living worthy. Make people happy, and this can only be done when you are happy yourself.

Love is different from war

Practise patience. Love cannot be enforced. Hearts cannot be won. Don’t use cheap (unfair) means to impress your love. If she has self respect you may lose her forever and if she yields to it means she is meaner than you.

Love everyone, if you are a lover

A loving person should love everyone around him. This, not only makes you stronger and vibrant, but also supports in creating an atmosphere of trust and friendship around you which is another essential secret of successful love.

Listen to your heart, say it

Don’t keep everything in your heart. It will ruin your nerve. Say it if you love her. People crave to hear this 3 word phrase. Let her experience this pride moment. But, be cautious here. Say it only if you think she is expecting it from you and it will not introduce a burden on her. Don’t just say it and get slapped and insulted.

Don’t be exploited, practice equality

Don’t fall on your knee before her. If she loves you she will never create such condition and if she loves you not, it will not make a difference even if you die for her. Never ever try to act like a movie hero. Things like sudden heart change are impossible and nonexistent in real life.

Let the love work its magic

It is no great deal if you are not entertained at all. Everyone is different in thinking and approach. Some people may like you for no reason, some other people may hate you for the same. If true love exists between you, it will show up gradually without effort. If it is one sided, You better forget it and move on.

Finally, never be inspired by love stories. A lot of facts are concealed while narrating them. If you come to know the truth, they may seem to you like a hate story. Real life is a lot more complex. There is no scope for drama here. People will praise your absurdities if you are doing well and ridicule your compassion if you are ill-timed. The task you have is to love yourself. And then, you are ready to love and admire anything and everything around you.