Group Discussion Tips: Easy Tactics for Sure-shot Success

Group discussions form a vital part of the admission process and entrance tests today. Why not learn some easy tips to churn out success in group discussions. Check out these ultimate suggestions for your own good.

Group Discussion

The basic objective of a group discussion is to check your ability to contribute meaningfully to a healthy discussion on a given topic and lead it towards a sound consensus. As such, it aims to test your communication skills, co-ordination capability and presentation depth along with your analytical and rational behavior. It simply means that you have no place to hide in a GD. Whether you like it or not, most of your interpersonal traits are exposed in a GD. It is therefore essential that you know what is required to get noticed in a favorable way. To enjoy the taste of success in a group discussion, you should never undermine the following suggestions.

Prepare in advance for the GD

To show off something, you need to have it first in yourself. Start reading newspapers and magazines if you have not started yet. Make a team of your friends and discuss the important topics with them in a similar manner as a GD is conducted. Be aware of the current scenario and build your communication skills.

How is GD conducted?

Usually, 8-10 people are asked to sit in a circle and provided a topic to concentrate on. The judges panel may sit there itself on a side or may notice you from outside through camera. You will be given the maximum time to finish the discussion. The moment you are asked to start, it is the time to express your views.

A group discussion is a three phase process consisting of introduction, body and conclusion. When you are given the start signal, try to be the first one to introduce the topic if you feel confidence on the topic provided. If not, be a leading contributor to the conversation. At the end, help your group to conclude meaningfully within the time limit provided to you.

Some vital tips for group discussions

  • Always walk in with a pen and a piece of paper. You will need them to jot down your ideas while your fellow participants express their views.
  • Take good care of your body postures. No cross legs, no leaning back, everything is being noticed. You should look confident and energetic.
  • If you are initiating the chat, do it in a magnificent manner. The common tactics involve the use of a brief story, a shock statement, a definition, statistics and facts or a general statement.
  • Keep jotting down your ideas while you are not speaking. Throw them the moment you get a chance.
  • Don’t always wait for your turn, if you don’t get one. You can interrupt politely if you come up with a great idea.
  • Always address the audience as a whole rather than pointing to a particular person. Be careful, not to address the judge panel.
  • Never contradict anyone directly and bluntly. Do it in an indirect and graceful way.
  • Grab the opportunity to interrupt and bring the GD back on track when you feel it is going astray the topic.
  • Support your ideas with proper facts and reasoning. The same has to be done while contradicting anyone.
  • Give everyone the chance to speak. Be a quality speaker instead of a quantity speaker.
  • While building consensus, don’t compromise with your basic philosophy but avoid making it an issue of heated argument.
  • Be calm and composed during the entire session. Control your emotions and curb your aggression.

Best scoring points in a GD

  • Initiating the conversation impressively
  • Bold but graceful voice accent
  • Keeping your cool and staying composed
  • Vital and meaningful points
  • Keeping the discussion focused on the right track
  • Concluding within the given time frame

Worst minus points in a GD

  • Speaking abruptly or stammering
  • Dominating the conversation and speaking too much
  • Losing your cool
  • Keeping quiet even when given a chance
  • Interrupting without meaningful idea
  • Speaking off track

The best strategy I would say is getting noticed and getting noticed for a good reason. If your contribution adds value to the discussion, you are selected.

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