Signs That She Doesn't Like You

Who doesn’t like to know the secret sign that is hidden behind her rosy smiles? Whether she likes you or not is a puzzle that needs to be solved on time. Else, she would run past your eyes- something that you may not like.

A Girl That Likes A Boy

When it comes to understanding a woman’s mind most men suffer a setback. It is really very tough to predict whether a girl likes you or not. But, it is comparatively easier to know if she doesn’t like you. This is because when a girl likes you she generally prefers to conceal it or to be more precise, avoids directly exposing the message to you. But, when she doesn’t like you, she tries to convey it through different means. Yes, there are certain girls that may like to play a game on you, but in this case, they also cannot help leaving behind some obvious clues that will pin point that she doesn’t like you.

It is obvious that if a girl likes you not, it is impossible to imagine any love story between you. Why not then explore these signs first before trying out anything else.  Here is a list of alarms for you.

She will not share her memories

If she doesn’t like you, she will surely not like to share her past experiences with you. She will not be willing to disclose her likes and dislikes to you. This symbolizes the fact that she doesn’t want you to go ahead in the relationship.

She will conceal her secrets

There are certain things that a girl will tell you only if she anticipates a permanent relationship. Sometimes, they try to conceal certain things only because they think it may harm your friendship. Either way, it is self destructing idea to trust such girls.

She will not be interested in your affairs

When you start a topic of your interest, she will not pose any questions. She may talk to you politely but formally and never ask you about your past or present situation. This affirms that she rarely expects know anything good or bad about you.

She will avoid your touch

A girl generally does this when she cannot rely on someone. This aspect is inadvertently portrayed though not accidental in certain cases. Sometimes, this is the result of their bashful character. But, if it permanently persists even without reason, then be sure that she dislikes you.

She will not introduce her friends to you

This is a sure shot sign that she doesn’t like you. Any girl, no matter how much insecure, will introduce you to her friends sooner or later if you command any dignity or respect in her eyes. Initially, they do this to find out their friends’ opinion about you and later it is a normal occurrence.

She will never ask your help

If a girl loves someone she asks for help even when she doesn’t need it. If she likes someone she asks for help occasionally. Finally, when she doesn’t like someone she never seeks any help from him. She may find some other alternative if she really requires help.

At the end, I would like to caution you that when women do not dislike a person it never implies that they like them either. It only means that you are successful in maintaining a clear image in their eyes. To know when they like a man you probably should wait for another post. Till then, have a great day!

UPDATE: The post is ready for you- Signs that she is into you ( Know whether she likes you actually)