How To Run Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup is a PC tool used to free disk space and speed up your system. How can you afford to be ignorant of such a great, easy to use application?

Having too much junk files on the hard drives is one of the leading causes of under-performance of your PC. While you can delete the files that have ceased to be useful to you, it is your computer that best can determine which system files are no longer needed by it. It is therefore both prudent and trouble free choice to use the system tool Disk Cleanup to clean up the debris from your hard drives. To run disk Cleanup, you just need to follow the simple steps given below.

Open disk cleanup

To run the application, you ought to go to the start button. The path to disk cleanup takes the following route-

Start------All Programs-----Accessories------- System Tools-----Disk Cleanup

A dialogue box will appear which will look like this-

Choose the drive that you want to clean and press the OK button. The disk cleanup will then calculate the amount of space that you will be able to free on the disk. 
Wait till the action is complete.

A small window will open displaying the amount of space that you can free on the disk. It will also display the type of junk files and their size. You can then select the check box to tell the computer which files to delete. When you are through with it, select the OK button to start the cleanup process.

You have to do nothing now. Just relax and let the system do its part. The only responsibility you have to run the disk cleanup on a regular basis if you honestly love speed.

Another tool known as disc defragmenter is also designed to assist the user in optimizing the disc space and hence improve system speed. Its working is illustrated in another article “How To Run Disk Defragmenter” Just read it.