How To Run Disk Defragmenter

Disk Defragmenter is a system tool that optimizes the way your files are stored on the hard drive. Defragmenting the disk frees up a lot of space and boosts up your system speed. Let us learn how to run the disk defragmenter.

What is a disc defragmenter?

A disk defragmenter is somewhat similar to the disk cleanup tool in the goal that it seeks to achieve and yet different in its approach. The role of disk defragmenter is to arrange the stored files of a disk in a manner as to save the disk space as well as speed up the retrieval process. The computer uses its own intelligence in storing files. It breaks the larger files into smaller parts and stores some of them between the free spaces of other smaller files. The idea is to ensure easy and quick access to the stored files. But as the time passes, this turns into a disadvantage. The files are left scattered and unarranged here and there, giving room to chaos and confusion. The disk defragmenter just reorganizes the stored files and makes them easy to retrieve and use.

Running disc defragmenter

You can find the disk defragmenter by either of the two routes-

Start----All Programs------Accessories------System Tools------Disk Defragmenter


Right click on the chosen drive----Properties------Tools-------Defragment Now

Disc Dfragmenter

The disk defragmenter window will open up showing all the drives and the amount of fragmented files.

The percentage of fragmented files is just a guess. You need to click the Analyze Disk button situated at the bottom to know exactly how much fragmented files are there on the disk.

After the disk is analyzed, the window will show the correct amount of fragmented files on the analyzed disk. This helps in choosing you whether it is viable to run the disk defragmenter now. It is a lengthy process and can even consume the whole night. If you gauge the necessity, you can click on defragment now and start the action.


Apart from manually running the disk defragmenter, you can also schedule the operation by clicking on the configure schedule button. A small box will open and you can choose the desired time and settings.


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