How To Speed Up Your Browser: Internet Explorer

A slow browser is a real boring stuff. If you are using internet explorer, you should know how to speed up your browser. Learn here the ways to improve the pace of your browser.
Internet explorer is the default browser in all the MS windows today available in the market. The irony is that it is one of the slowest browsers also. It is because it stores not only the browsing history but also contains the details of computer history. The cookies and bookmarks along with favorites and encrypted pages make the condition even worse. A periodic clearance of the history is therefore necessary in order to speed up your browser. The lesser the size of temporary files stored, the better is your browser tempo.


How to delete internet explorer history

You can easily delete history in internet explorer by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Del keys. Alternatively you can go to the tools menu and delete it from there.

Deleting Internet explorer History To speed up your browser

Another place to find it is in the safety menu. The safety menu is located on the right hand side of the upper part of the browser in the command bar. See it below.



How to open internet explorer history

If you want to delete only selective parts of the history or the feeds, you will first like to open the history. In the command bar you can gain access to history, feeds and favorites by following the below given path-

Tools------Explorer Bars------History/Feeds/Favorites

There is a different path also to open the favorites window through the menu bar which is as follows-

View Menu-------Explorer Bar-------History/Feeds/Favorites

Another way to open history is just by clicking on the favorites button situated on the left side of the favorites bar. The simplest way however, is to press the keys Alt + C. The window that will open on the left side of your browser will look something like this,

Internet Explorer Browsing History

You have the choice to delete or retain the items of your interest here, not only the history, but also the items of favorites and feeds. You can also organize and import/export the objects and create free space of your choice.

Apart from this, you can open the internet options dialogue box through the tools menu located both on the menu bar as well as the command bar and configure your settings there. Under the general head you will see browsing history. You can adjust your settings according to your needs there.

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Wish you a very happy browsing!