Is Blogging Different From Journalism

Blogging versus journalism debate is on the rise today. Is blogging a distinct platform altogether or some sort of journalism is hidden behind the persistent buzz of bloggers?

“Is blogging synchronous to journalism or there is somewhere a thin line separating the two?” –the topic has gained much popularity in the recent times. A lot of opinion has been already flourishing on the net and more is sure to be added as the days pass by. The radical idea is to separate blogging from journalism or merge with it.

How many of us give a damn to keeping pace with the ever changing and ever evolving writing world? There was a time when beauty of literature was sealed under the burden of heavy books. And, this is a time when you can enjoy the whole library at the ease of a mouse click. You can access whatever information you like and speak what comes to your mind. Blogging has given you the opportunity to make your voice heard at the comfort of home. So, has the journalism moved from news papers to the internet and made the lines blur between the two.


What has made blogging merge with journalism?

Blogging needs to comply with the dynamic niche and trends to maintain its golden existence. You cannot sell an 18th century garbing to a modern teen, provided he or she purposely asks for it. There is always a pressure to include the latest jest into your story or make it stale right away. This has made bloggers act like journalists. They hunt for the latest information, research the web and make their pen color the web page in a language that is not all Greek to the audience.

In addition, blogging being a mirror of the society cannot abstain from journalism. Even a personal diary of an individual speaks a lot about the ongoing scenario in the Globe. No wonder, journalism has also adopted the market strategies of blogging to extend its base on the internet. As such, there is as much a journalist in a blogger as a blogger in a journalist.


What makes the two differ?

Blogging and journalism on the web differ but for the sake of principles. A journalist is responsible for the day to day reporting on the happenings of the planet. He/she cannot have the leisure to remain silent on the issues of general interest. On the other hand, a blogger can include only as much stuff as is essential to convey his words. A blogger can sometimes use his imagination just to fetch the desired outcome which a journalist cannot since he is bound to adhere to the facts. The language in journalism is third person oriented, whereas, a blogger prefers to have a direct second person talk.

Both blogging and journalism are expanding their horizons and evolving to suit the demands of the modern day audience. It is prudent therefore, not to argue but to gauge the gravity of situation and mend your own style. There is surely a bit of journalism in blogging and a bit of blogging engrained in journalism.