Should You Use Google Chrome

Using Google chrome means speed as well as simplicity. Should you then use Google chrome or stick to your old browser.

Many people are confused as to whether to continue with their old browser or to bring home the fastest and simplest browser, Google Chrome. Yes, there are several advantages and disadvantages of using any browser. It is certainly wise to use a browser that best matches your needs.

What are the advantages of using browsers other than Google chrome?

  • Mozilla has the most number of compatible add-ons and extensions as well as has the largest number of users worldwide.
  • Internet explorer is the default browser in Microsoft windows. It also provides access to computer history in addition to internet browsing history.
  • Being similar to internet explorer in design, Firefox is not an alien concept to the users. Hence, it is neck and crop user friendly.
  • Opera has the ability to run in turbo mode and decrease your band width in addition to the great many number of widgets adding different functionalities.
  • Safari forms an awesome integration with MAC OS. It also works great for mobile devices.
  • Some other browsers are application and device specific and hence, cannot be avoided.

Why should you use Google Chrome then?

  • It is a real fast browser and you don’t have to wait for the page to load.
  • Almost all types of pages load correctly in Google chrome. Means, you get to see exactly what the webmaster has designed for you.
  • You can search the web using Omni box. In other words, you can use the same box to browse an address or search for any query.
  • Google chrome presents you with the most visited pages on the screen itself which saves your precious time.
  • The incognito mode feature in Google chrome provides you the privilege to virtually surf the web without logging anything. This is a real answer to your privacy needs.
  • All the tabs run completely independent of each other and closing any of them does only affect the terminated tab.

Even after all this, Mozilla Firefox remains the favorite choice of the web users. It may be largely due to its greater secure interface and partly because people usually refrain from trying out new things. Never the less, Chrome has improved itself a lot and is now compatible to the use of numerous extensions. If you want a change, you must try it out.

How to install Google chrome?

To install Google chrome you need to have an internet connection on the device itself since it does not run offline. You can go to the download page directly and get the Google chrome installer from here,

After you are finished with the download, you need to run the application. Make sure that your internet connection is active, it is essential for the application to run.

It may take a bit longer than other browsers to install because it is downloaded and installed at the same time. After the setup is complete, Google chrome will prompt you to choose the default search engine for your Omni box.

Choose your settings accordingly and finally welcome to a world of high speed browsing.