Signs That She is into You

Can you read the signs that she silently dons on her visages? If she is into you and you fail to recognize her love for you, this golden opportunity may just pass by and never again return into your life.

Pretty Cute Girl Looking For Love

How many of you have been out there interpreting the signals of a pretty gal to know if she is into you. I guess, most of us have tried this thing out at least once in our lives. A girl by nature may be too shy to reveal her love for you. It is therefore, your responsibility to find out if she is really into you. If you don’t, you miss the rarest chance of finding a true love into your life. If you do it incorrectly, you risk hurting your self-esteem. Why not then, learn the art of decoding her signs. It will ease out your burden and at the same time, save you from any wrong assumption.

Though nothing in this world is absolute about women, there are certain means to crack open a girl’s mind. The easiest of them all is to look for signals, be it verbal, non verbal or behavioral.

If she doles out most of these signs, she is definitely into you,

  • She continuously seeks your help and attention for trivial reasons. She shares her plans with you and asks for your advice.
  • She introduces you to her parents and her parents treat you good. She even shows her desire to meet your parents.
  • Her smirk lasts longer than usual when she meets you. She laughs at your stupid jokes.
  • If a girl accidentally bumps into you or calls you unexpectedly, be sure to watch her steps.
  • She supports and motivates you to move ahead with your plans. If she always takes your side in a conversation, she is at least fond of you.
  • She maintains as little private distance as possible and does not avoid your physical touch.
  • When a girl unknowingly uses/repeats your words or adopts your style, you may be quite sure of your closeness with her.
  • She takes keen interest in your looks and dresses to kill when outing with you.
  • When she sits with you with her crossed legs, one of the legs is pointing straight towards you. She is playing with her hair and blushing.
  • She is always there when you need her, but sometimes absent or upset without a reason. This may happen when she doesn’t find you taking any interest in her.
  • A person who loves you will surely trust as well as respect you truly. Her small actions will make you understand the whole story.

Apart from this, there are signs that are not sure shot. However, you may find a degree of possibility in them. These clues can sometimes be very misleading if they are not coupled with the signs listed above.

Wait and watch if you come across the following signs,

  • She publicly displays her affection. A girl loves you only as much as she does for you when no one is looking.
  • She praises or complements you in front of everybody. She might just be a good friend or well wisher.
  • She looks at you with her dreamy eyes. This is, most of the times, nothing more than a dirty trick.
  • She stops talking suddenly when you keep looking at her. She might be feeling awkward rather than feeling shy.
  • She tells that she likes you. For God’s sake, don’t believe her until you find her backing you when you are down.

There is much left to discuss on this topic. However, I have given you an outline of what you should look before you leap into the world of romance. Actions speak louder than words, especially, when it comes to women. So, consider her dedication and sacrifice before you plan to have children with her. This is both in your interest and also of those who love you. She will also show some signs if she is not into you. To know these signs please visit: Signs that she doesn't like you.