Embed PPT in Your Blog Using Google Docs

Embedding PPT in your blog using Google docs is the simplest way to do so. If you like to keep it simple, you should try Google docs to embed PowerPoint presentations in your website.

If you like to have full control over your PowerPoint presentation, it is time that you give a damn to the facilities presented by Google docs. As I believe, it is the simplest way to embed PPT into your website without much hurdle, since most of us already have a Google account to our credit. You even have the leisure to create or edit your PPT right there using the Google doc feature. Though it is true that you cannot put animation effects and even will have to compromise with the limited access to font types, if you just want to present your content in a simple manner you can surely give a try to it.

How to embed PPT using Google docs?

Go to Google homepage. Under the more tab on the upper left of your web page select even more. In the just opened page select docs which will be listed under “Communicate, show and share.” You will soon be taken to the Google docs account. If you have not signed in, sign in. See this picture to locate Google docs.

On the upper left side of your page you can find the upload button on the immediate right to create button. Click and select files. Be careful to save your document in 97-2003 format as macro enabled documents are not supported right now.

You will be presented with an upload settings dialogue box. Make sure that you check the box of converting files into Google docs format or you may find your document to be incompatible. Click the start upload button when you are done. 

A small window will open on the bottom right of your browser while the upload is in progress. After you finish uploading your PPT, you can share it to the public right from that box.

Sharing settings will open where default is set to private. Click on the change option and make it public.

Under visibility options select “Public on the web” and click save. Now, your PowerPoint presentation is ready to be embedded.

For the final step, click on your presentation from the list of documents. It will open in a new tab. In the list, your PPT icon will look somewhat like a red rectangle. If it is black, means it is incompatible with Google docs and you have surely done something wrong. On the upper right corner of the newly opened window, you can find publish/embed option. Configure your settings and copy the generated i-frame code. Put it in your HTML and you are done.

If you are eager to know other methods to embed PowerPoint presentations in your blog, I have created a PPT for you using Google docs. You can see it.

View this PPT in full screen mode……………GO HERE.