How to Overcome Stress

Stress is one of the most common deadly diseases that have made their way in the modern world. You should learn to overcome stress or it may overpower your strength of fighting obstacles.

overcoming stress
Stress is derived from Latin word “string ere" which means to clutch, compress or bend. To be simple, when your body is subjected to extraordinary excitement or anxiety, it gives out its own reactions based on the adjustment capability and your energy level. This reaction is called stress. Stress can be positive (Eustress) or negative (Distress) depending upon your ability to cope up with it.

Today, both family life and corporate life are full of stress. Every single day you encounter different surprises and shocks and your senses may or may not fit to the changing situations. When your physical and mental health start disrupting your day to day activities, it is the time you should realize that you are over stressed and seek out the remedies to suppress this hassle.

Ways to overcome stress

Exercise and rehydrate

Working out provides a good remedy to stress symptoms. Your muscles relax a lot after an exercise and make you fit for the next task. For a period of time, you are detached from the effect of stressors. In addition, if you drink a lot of water, your metabolic activities boost up making you fresh and rejuvenated. Rehydration is necessary for your body to function properly.

Laughter and fun

Humor is the best known medicine for any kind of stress. Laughing aloud increases your blood flow and helps the body in producing stress curbing hormones. Listening to a calm music or going out with your friends are also some other fun activities that relieve you from the clutch of distress.

Brisk walk and self talk

Taking a brisk walk out in the nature is the easiest way to cool down your anxiety. Grasping the clean air and talking to yourself helps you to analyze the causes of discomfort accompanying you and deal with it in a better perspective. So, make sure to take a break and ease out your burden if you feel worn-out.

Meditation and yoga

Meditation is a renowned methodology to drive out stress. You may try out the relaxation technique, where you lie flat on the bed, relax your muscles and take deep steady breaths. This way you can shield yourself from the negative impact of stress and clearly feel revitalized. Your mind will surely calm down a lot and you will feel contented from yourself.

Crying aloud

The attitude of the society towards crying and tears prevent you from crying, even in complete privacy, but this is a great way to release tension and regain your composure if you are overstressed. Shedding tears is surely a great tactics that when applied may yield astonishing results.

Catnap or power nap

Take a quick nap, its nature’s way of recharging and re-energizing. A lunch time snooze will be very practical for you if you are operating from home. In case, your work situation does not allow you to take a day time nap, practice a short session of self-hypnosis combined with deep breathing which can easily be done on a desk. Believe me, it may work wonders.

Time management

Last but not the least, manage your time. Mismanagement is the biggest cause of chaos and confusion and it is the hidden origin of corporate life stress that often drives people crazy. Arrange your timings and plan your events in advance and ascertain that you follow those deadlines. Be careful, that you don’t make unrealistic plans or it may result in a greater strain.