Signals He is Cheating on You

It is easy to get swayed in emotions, when you notice the signs that reflect he is cheating on you. What is harder is to actually confirm whether he is cheating on you.

Signs of him cheating on you are not as obvious as you thought. A cheating guy may sometimes leave behind no clue at all. You may fail to interpret the signals when he is really cheating on you and take him wrongly when he is still loyal to you. Men grow complex after every affair and it becomes harder and harder to catch their intentions as they gain maturity. How will you then convince yourself of lying in the safe hands of destiny? Don’t worry, it may be harder than you thought but much easier than impossible. A man, no matter how intelligent, cannot beat your senses if you keep them open. He is certainly going to leave behind some clues if he is cheating on you. You only have to decode those signs and feel poised.


Sure shot signs of dishonesty

Clues that should not be ignored

Change in behavior

Behavior pattern of a cheating man is radically different than the loyal ones. He will persuasively try to convince you where there is no clarification desired and prefer to seal his tongue when you really need an explanation. He will start making excuses for the occasions that mean something for you both. You may even find him politely turning down your proposals. In short, he will become cold to your emotions while showing off that he really cares for you and obviously spend lesser time with you.

Privacy needs puff out

Your partner may stop sharing his private delicate issues with you and become more aware of your presence than before. He may set his cell phone in vibration mode or protect it with password to avoid your direct access to his connections. He can start making excuses to conceal his secrets and close the door when you are around.

Guilty conscience

If you present a gift to a deceitful man, he may feel awkward while accepting it. Your mate will be uncomfortable if you are nice to him, but feel at home if you are unkind to him. This proves that he is feeling guilty somewhere about cheating you.

Frequent mood shifts

You may find him amiable on some occasions, but drastically moody in some other time frame. He may get irritated very soon and go mad on trivial issues. If you try to check him out, he will dislike it and act violently. This is a clear cut signal that he is cheating on you.

Lack of interest

The interest of a cheating guy will fade away dramatically, leaving you perplexed as to what might have gone wrong. He will care less for your children or family problems. He will more or less behave like outsider who can just give you some suggestion when asked and never try to do anything on his own. If this happens, it is the time to consult your lawyer.

Unusual arguments

Your mate will quickly pick fights with you over minor issues. He may even accuse you of cheating to cover up his own sins. If in the middle of a quarrel he says that this relationship can’t go any further, it only means that he has his table set up somewhere else.

Your sixth sense

If you pay heed to your instincts, you can clearly sense whether your partner is cheating on you or it is just a case of misunderstanding. You don’t have to ask anyone for advice. Just listen to your conscience, it will tell you where you stand.

Mixed signals of deceit

Signs that don’t guarantee disloyalty

  • Your man may bring high prized presents for you. If he is your hubby and never done that before, this may be a reason to worry. If he is your boyfriend, he will never do this very often because majority of the men do not like to spend on a non prospect girl.
  • A cheating man can introduce new and alien tricks on bed and behave abnormally. However, there are many other sources that may be responsible for this.
  • He may look dejected and disconnected from you. This may also happen if you severely hurt his sentiments. Deceit may be the next step and you can be prudent enough to avoid this.
  • His outlook and habits may change if he meets a new companion. This may be a man or a woman. Just keep your eyes open.
  • If your man is working late and is depressed, it is the time to take a good care of him and not to accuse him. He may be doing this for you.
  • Your friends may brief you about his deception. If they are very similar to you they may be right. If you are a different girl then your friends will be jealous of you and will try every trick to hurt your relationship.

There might be thousands of reason for a deception, each depending on the type of individual and the circumstances. But, there is a single most reason why most men cheat. I believe you will find this article useful- Why Do Men Cheat? Good luck ladies !