What to Do When You Fail

Life does not come to a halt when you fail. Failures are there just to teach you some lessons that otherwise manage to escape your vision. When you fail you are actually headed towards a new start.

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Should you give up when you fail?

What to do after you fail

There are times when everyone suffers a letdown in his or her life. It is no coincidence if you too are ruined by a fiasco. Debacles are always there to confront you everywhere, right from the inception of your journey to the end of your life. It is therefore no way out to buckle down under pressure when you fail. You should rather look to rebound with twice over the velocity when you plunge.

I know it’s a tough ask for someone facing hard luck in his life. The distress of defeat is hard to gulp down and much harder to mollify the agony of trounce if you fail repeatedly, but this is how it goes. Life may present you with altogether different explanations and someday you might be really prepared to laugh off the wounds. If you are still not convinced, I have a great video for you.  I clipped it down from the movie ‘Love Actually’. You must watch it if you want to know the secret of contentment and delight. See this brave guy poking fun at his obvious failure before you head towards the next section of this post.

How to tackle failures

Hope you have already got a glimpse of how you should behave when you encounter a failure in your life. Here are few simple lines of advice that when followed, may turn your defeat into a mighty win.

Take it sportingly

When you fail, accept it gracefully without much havoc or conclusion. It is just a part of the game and who knows, you may have something better in store for you.  It is even needless to worry about your reputation because the people who care for you will come into play right now and those who don’t care will make themselves known to you shortly. Just look around yourself and you will find numerous examples of men and women suffering a grater fall than yours.

Make out the slip-ups

The best thing about failure is that you are able to pinpoint your mistakes and fix them before they pile up greater difficulty for you. Instead of bewailing on your distress, focus on correcting your lapses. Make yourself ready for a bigger strife.

Learn from the victors

A grand way to improve your approach is to study the strategy adopted by those who made it to the final round. They may be no better than you, but they simply might have adopted a different ploy than yours. At the same time, don’t compromise your strengths. Stick to your basics and believe on your potency. It is how you can fetch success.

Be up and about

Engage yourself in some productive activity and stay bouncy. This will help you to ease out your stress and move ahead with momentum. Make sure you are never left idle. Your failure should not reflect on your personality.

Take a chance

Dare to opt for another attempt; you are going to lose nothing. You are actually not defeated till you accept the defeat yourself. This means no authority can ever overpower you unless you decide to give up by yourself. Remember, fortune favors the brave and destiny greets them who risk the fight.

So finally, this is the message for you- break the thin line separating you and success with your determination and guts and say goodbye to all your failures. May God help you in your endeavor. Good luck!

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Never be in dilemma about what to do when you fail. Failure is a myth- just see the funny quote above.