Easiest Way to Create Facebook Fans Welcome Page

The easiest way now to create Facebook fans welcome page is well within your reach. Read this post to know how you can create an excellent looking Facebook welcome page without much hassle.

easiest way to create facebook fans welcome page

After the closure of static html on Facebook, the newbie page owners were quite worried as to how to create a Facebook welcome page for their website fans page. The problem is now solved with a better application to your offering. The new found solution is Static html:  I-frame tabs. This works quite similarly to static html application. Timothy Mensing and Jason Padvorac have done a commendable job to help you easily create Facebook fans page with the help of this great application.

Just go to this page: Static html: I-frame tabs and click on add static html to a page. You will be redirected to the application page where you can name your page and paste the coding to appear on your Facebook welcome page. You will come across two options there. One will be for the visitors that have not yet liked your page and the other one for your fans. If you leave the other one blank, everyone will be able to view the same page. Now, paste your html/jawa-script and preview your page. What’s more, you can even create custom icons and put Google analytics to your page by just clicking on the magic button.

static html for facebook fans page

After you are done with your customizations, go to the edit your page. Click on manage permissions. You can now configure the settings for your Facebook fans welcome page. Make sure to change your newly created tab into default landing page, so that when visitors come they can directly be taken to your welcome page that was just crated.

create facebook fans welcome page easily

That’s all you need to do. A beautiful welcome page is now yours which is totally under your control. However, if you are zero in html or jawa script, you can try other free services such as Pagemodo for creating a beautiful Facebook fans welcome page. You should know, though, that they will place a link on your page and even ask for some other permissions from you. I advise, you instead go for this static html I-frame tabs. You can always create your welcome page in rich text editor and copy the html to paste it into the application to generate a beautiful Facebook fans welcome page.