How to Overcome Exam Frustration

When you are determined to overcome the exam frustration, not even the sandals of your mom will scare you anymore. It all depends on your ability to survive beyond all bafflement.

exam frustration of santa

When life is a dream journey, why spoil this voyage with the burden of exam frustration on your shoulders. The work of the examiner is to set questions and yours is to answer them according to your level of knowledge and understanding. It is never necessary that what you think is similar to what the examiner is expecting of you. You also know the fact that everyone’s expectations cannot be met and it is impossible to please and satisfy everyone equally in this world. Why then, worry about the people who are rarely satisfied by anyone. You are not born with the liability to convince everyone. Let me explain this further.

Why you should not worry about exam frustration?

Exam is an everyday process. It is the most loyal girlfriend to a student. It is never going to leave you until you or your school decides to part with each other. So, no use attempting to escape from the almighty. Have it in your lunch.

  • Examiners are the ones who are the happiest people to frustrate you and make you confuse. Make them startled by your answers. Frustrate them to the limit of endurance.
  • Once you make up your mind to beat the exam frustration, you get the ability to write anything and everything on your answer sheet. You are at your best when you use your own words and imagination, especially your own theory.
  • Examiner is a person with extra long faces. He is a smiley that cannot smile. Don’t try the impossible. He can only smile after giving you a smiley without eyes and mouth (
  • Getting pathetic grades in an examination consolidates your position as an independent thinker and makes you a member of the majority league. This is the best that one can achieve in this democratic world.

What to do to overcome exam frustration?

If you have the attitude of a winner, you will not only be able to defeat but also humiliate your greatest enemy, the exam frustration. All you need is the heart of an artist, the spirit of an adventurer and the guts of a warrior. Exam frustration will come rolling over to your feet. Just memorize these cool tactics instead of your thick weird books.

  • Plan your picnic a week before the examination and invite all the frustrated people. Make fun of the peers who are studying. Act like emperors.
  • Create a documentary on the year-long merry making and dallying around with your friends. Include the moments when your teachers were speechless.
  • Construct a list of probable questions and propose your own theory to answer them. Practise and master this art thoroughly. This skill will come in handy during the exam.
  • Go to temple or church or a mosque and ask your lord to help you in this troublesome moment. God is kind. He will listen and smile.
  • Help your father in gardening, so that when the results are out, he may be nice to you and congratulate you on your performance.
  • Climb on top of a tree and look down upon everything as meaningless. Realize that this world is an illusion and that success and failure are just two facets of the same coin.
  • Memorize the names of some great authors so that when the examination arrives you can quote yourself and write their name.
  • Book a hall a day before the examination. Distribute free tickets to the hard working students. Wake up amid the night to press their doorbells and then quietly elude in the dark.
  • Make a symbolic portrait of the examination and put it in your study hall. Slap it and pull its ears ten times daily until the examination is over.
  • Read the biography of great men and then declare to yourself that none of them were more intelligent than you. Visualize a similar book for yourself.
  • Count the number of pages of your text books and calculate the time needed to study them. Thereafter, thank yourself for not trying it out.
  • Write as much as possible in the examination. Draw large sketches, leave huge spaces and apply all your creative ideas. Make it at least a hundred.
  • Throw a stone upwards in the sky with all your might. Conclude that examination is the sky and study is the stone and that it is impossible to pierce the sky.
  • Read a novel every day before the examination and cite the examples in your answers. Add some more stuff from your side and make it spicy.
  • Play golf to mock at the examinations. Invite your teachers if you can. Chess is also a time utilizing hobby before the exams.

(Note: These tips are just for fun purpose. If you have taken them seriously, means you are already a winner. No exam frustration can ever dare to mess with you.)

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