Top 100 Rajnikanth Jokes: Page 1

Rajnikanth has become a legendary figure given the huge amount of jokes cracked on his personality. We are glad to present the top hundred Rajnikanth jokes that will make you roll over to the ground. Have fun!

ironman ironing rajnikanth cloths
Ironman ironing Rajnikanth's cloths (source:Facebook)

Top 100 Rajnikanth jokes: Part 1

Joke 1
Rajnikanth was born on 30th February.  Since then February decided not to give this date to anyone else.
The British left India in 1947 because Rajanikanth was supposed to be born in 1949.
Joke 3
Only Rajanikanth can handle the truth.
Joke 4
Rajanikanth can make his wife admit her mistakes.
Joke 5
Sun does not rise until Rajni says good morning.
Joke 6
When Rajanikanth was a student…..
……………………………………………………. The teachers used to bunk the class.
Joke 7
Girlfriend:  Somebody is stalking me.
Rajni: OK.
Next day ……
Girlfriend: Where the hell is my shadow???
Joke 8
Had Rajnikanth been born 100 years ago, England would have fought for its freedom.
Joke 9
Rajnikanth can update his Facebook status with the help of a calculator.
Joke 10
Once NASA scientists became overexcited. They had just noticed an object in Mars atmosphere. They believed, they had found the trace of life on Mars.
The secret was later revealed….
It was none other than Rajnikanth flying his kite.
Joke 11
Iron man is known because he irons Rajnikanth cloths.
Joke 12
Even Gazni remembers Rajni.
Joke 13
Rajnikanth can answer a missed call.
Joke 14
Once Rajnikanth thought he was wrong …. But, he was wrong.
Joke 15
Rajnikanth can make coins with only one side.
Joke 16
When Rajnikanth logs into his Facebook account, the Facebook updates its status.
Joke 17
Google finally succeeded in tracing out the phone memory of Rajnikanth.
It is now known as Youtube.
Joke 18
Rajnikanth can run around the earth and kick his own back.
Joke 19
Once a classmate spins a ball on his fingers and asks Rajni if he could do it.
Rajni: How do you think the earth is rotating?
Joke 20
Once Rajnikanth gave a kiss to his girlfriend if front of a kid.
That kid is today known as,
…. Imaran Hashmi.

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