Top 100 Rajnikanth Jokes: Page 4

Jokes keep you jovial and cheerful and if the jokes are about Rajnikanth then your expectations are rather high. Here is the page 4 of the Top 100 Rajnikanth jokes series to soothe your mood.

rajnikanth smiling at his own jokes
Rajnikanth can smile at his own jokes before you even think of them...

Top 100 Rajnikanth jokes: Part 4

Joke 61
What was the cause of recession in 2008?
Rajnikanth lost his wallet.
Joke 62
A 22000 ton, 56 wheeler truck
Once met with a head on collision with Rajnikanth…
Since then,
It is called Tata Nano !
Joke  63
Teacher: What is the half of eight?
Santa: 4
Rajnikanth: Depends on how it is done….
If horizontally bisected it is 0,
If vertically bisected it is 3 … that’s called intelligence.
Joke  64
Rajni’s bikes have semi-circular tyres.
Joke  65
We live in an expanding universe.
All of it is trying to get away from Rajnikanth.
Joke  66
Every morning Rajni goes for space walk.
Joke  67
Ram and Raavan were in a serious fight….
Suddenly Ram kept down his arrow and
Said: OK, bye.
Raavan:  What happened, are you scared.
Ram: Why did you call Rajnikanth for this small strifle.
Joke  68
Rajnikanth first takes the Gold medal, then starts the race.
Joke  69
Rajnikanth and superman had once arm wrestled and the looser had to wear his underwear over his pants.
……….. We all know who won.
It was even worse for spiderman…… He had to wear his underwear over his head.
Joke 70
Rajnikanth cannot fly. He only jumps and chooses when to come down.
Joke 71
Rajnikanth has a deep and abiding respect for human life… unless it comes in his way.
Joke 72
Rajnikanth’s next movie is called twitter….
He plays 140 characters in it.
Joke 73
Breaking news…
NASA is closed.
Rajnikanth bought all the rockets for Diwali.
Joke 74
Ghosts are actually caused by Rajnikanth killing people faster than the death can process them.
Joke 75
In Rajnikanth’s wedding, the fire took saath fere of Rajnikanth and his wife.
Joke 76
Rajnikanth can make fire by rubbing two ice cubes together.
Joke 77
Lord shiva: Where the hell is my trishool.
Parvati: Rajnikanth took it.
Shiva: why???
Parvati: He had to eat Maggie.
Joke 78
Whenever Rajnikanth makes an error, it is an invention.
Joke 79
The great wall of China was originally created to keep Rajnikanth out.
They didn’t know… Rajni can walk through walls.
Joke 80
When Rajnikanth was a kid, he made his mom eat her vegetables.

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