Top 100 Rajnikanth Jokes: Page 5

Happy to present you the final page of the top 100 chosen jokes of Rajnikanth. Though it is never possible to accommodate even a fraction of what Rajnikanth is actually capable of doing, it was just a sincere effort to give you a glimpse of his supernatural might. Rajni is great!!!

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Top 100 Rajnikanth jokes: Part 5

Joke  81
Resume of Rajnikanth
Name: Rajnikanth
Hobby: Collecting tiger teeth and catching bullets with bare hand.
My records: Fought with an elephant and broke its neck.
Greatest achievement: Skated on lava.
Silly thing done: Swimming on tsunami.
Most embarrassing moment: Couldn’t kill 100 bears in a punch…. Only 99 died.
Proudest moment: When cobra died after biting me.
Something about me: I really don’t like to show.
Joke  82
Rajnikanth can make onions cry.
Joke  83
Rajnikanth can make a fish drown.
Joke  84
Once Rajnikanth participated in a 100 meters race.
Don’t even try to guess what happened.
Rajnikanth won.
Seeing this Einstein committed suicide.
Do you know why………… because light came third.
But who was it that came second??
Rajnikanth’s shadow!!!
Joke  85
Rajnikanth can play the violin with a piano.
Joke  86
If you spell “Rajnikanth” incorrectly on Google, it doesn’t say, ”Did you mean Rajnikanth”
It says: Run while you still have chance.
Joke  87
To watch Rajnikanth movie on mobile in 4D, Steve Jobs is thinking to launch a new mobile……… named “I-Rajni”
Joke  88
Rajnikanth once wrote his autobiography.
That book is known as “Guinness book of world records”
Joke  89
Once a child started building snow mountains; those mountains are today known as Himalayas.
The child was of course, Rajni.
Joke  90
Once a person threw an ignited lighter in the sky. It landed on a planet. Thus, the Sun came to be born.
Now, there is no need to mention that person’s name. huh!
Joke  91
The missing piece of Apple’s logo was eaten by Rajnikanth.
Joke  92
Remake of Titanic…. Rajnikanth is the hero….. But the climax has changed.
Rajnikanth survives- the girlfriend in one hand and the Titanic on the other.
The ship was saved with a bamboo stick.
Joke  93
Once while playing cricket, Rajnikanth hit a ball too hard….. it landed in the space.
Thus, Pluto came into existence.
Joke  94
Once amid a dark new moon night, a ghost was trying to console his friend…
……. Don’t be afraid, there is nothing called Rajnikanth ………… and then hid himself behind his fellow ghost.
Joke  95
Whales live deep in ocean, because they know Rajnikanth lives on land.
Joke  96
Once a photo of Rajnikanth was given to get it Xeroxed.
The result was 2 Xerox machines.
Joke  97
Once upon a time, a wild boar got in Rajnikanth’s way and was pulled up by nose and thrown 30 miles away.
Its descendents are known as Elephants.
Joke  98
Rajnikanth’s Facebook status:
“Those who will not like this status, will not be able to use Facebook anymore”
Notification: Mark Zuckerberg and million others like it.
Joke  99
Once in a sword fighting game…
The Chinese bisected a hair with his sword,
The Japanese cut the head of a fly with his sword.
Rajnikanth took a mosquito, flew it and swung his sword in the air. The mosquito kept on flying.
Japanese: Look, the mosquito is flying.
Rajnikanth: Yes, it will fly  ………. But never be able to become a father.
Joke  100
One night while sleeping, Rajnikanth was mumbling some random numbers.
That was how the log table was invented.

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