Tricks To Ruin Your Love Life Forever

Introduction of tricks into the game of love is not an alien concept today.  People like to attract their crush with minimum effort and time, and use numerous tactics to achieve this end. This article lists out the top five tricks that may adversely affect your relationship and ruin your love life forever. 

husband and wife querreling
Have you ever heard about tricks ruining your love life?  A lot many people like to play tricks in a bid to attract their love partners. Though, sometimes these tactics work quite brilliantly, making you seem like a great winner, in many cases, they even backfire- forcing you to forgo any chance that you earlier deserved in your relationship. You end up smashing the sentiments of the very person you intended to amuse, and not to mention, the permanent damage inflicted upon your romantic image. Yes, tricks do hurt. They can ruin your love life forever if ever a loophole remains, and majority of the times, it actually happens.

Rightly speaking, all the tricks are equally detrimental to a sound relationship, but there are a few of them that may leave a long lasting scar on your rapport which may not be easy to do away with. Being alarmed in advance is the best way you can protect your love life from getting marred by the strategic games of attraction. Your love life is at stake if you are introducing any of these tricks into your relationship.

Creating private situations

Many times, you may be tempted to create private situations in order to convert your casual relationship into an intimate one. A good example is sending your friend to fetch something while you both are left alone. There is nothing wrong in doing this. The only thing to be taken care of is whether your lover likes it. If she is not ready for it, she may start avoiding you, and your dream voyage may soon turn into a nightmare.

Rumoring false stories

Rumors take precedence over all the true stories of love. If ever you construct a hypothetical story about your love life and tell it to someone, the situation may get tricky beyond your control. Your friends may make their own analysis and craft it to suit their purpose. The resultant will be a hyped gossip that will soon reach her ears and turn her off forever.

Maintaining extra distance

Maintaining a healthy distance is a good strategy to move forward in a relationship. However, if this distance becomes too much, it may give way to doubt and distrust. Your lover may perceive it as a lack of interest on your part. She may also pick it out as a sign of disloyalty, and the inevitable may make its way into your otherwise scot-free love life.

Promoting fake image

Many of us also resort to creating a fictitious image in front of our love partners so as to match their interests and expectations. This tactic can be more damaging than you might have ever imagined. Think about her reaction when she finds out a con-artiste in you. The blatant verdict is that she didn’t love you. She loved the propped up reflection of a person that never existed. Certainly apply this trick if you are adamant on ruining your love life.

Dating someone else

The final blow to a relationship can be given by this simple but most popular strategy of love arena today. You will either succeed in pulling her towards you like a magnet or fail miserably. When she finds you out with someone else, she will have three options left- Close the door and cry aloud , try to snatch you away from her, or make the cheapest assumption of your character, and eradicate the very thought of meeting you again. This trick comes in handy if you are fed up with your love life.

Playing tricks, in a nutshell, is almost never going to fetch the results in the long run. On the contrary, it is surely going to demolish your love life forever if you fall short of accuracy. The lesson is-- Be extra careful in applying these techniques if you value your relationship. Go to extremes if you think otherwise.