Best Group Discussion Topics: A Refined List

Searching for Group discussion topics and cant determine which one to choose? Here is a thorough list of some of the best GD topics that are relevant as well as interesting.

Best GD Topics

Choice of group discussion topics is an aspect that should never be overlooked by the aspirants. Better topic means better preparation and better chances of being at your best when it is the time to deliver. Clearly, no one can provide you with the answers that will ascertain your winning the race. The best tactics is to search the answers yourself and develop your own approach. In this way, you learn many new ideas and enhance your reasoning power. It is a sheer fact that you can never know everything. The result therefore depends upon your ability to reason logically and analytically. Here is a list that may help you in your endeavor.

List of some common GD topics

  • Women make better managers than men
  • Advertisements are a waste of resources
  • Cinema is a threat to ethics
  • Privatization v/s nationalization
  • Role of UN in peacekeeping
  • Freshers are better than laterals
  • Should youth indulge in politics?
  • Consumer satisfaction should be achieved at any cost
  • Corruption is the main outcome of democracy
  • Honesty is the best policy
  • TV commercials should be banned
  • Efficiency and corruption go hand in hand
  • Globalization is a harm to Indian economy
  • Entrepreneurs are born not made
  • Ethics and profitability are contradicting philosophies
  • Work automation: good or bad
  • Higher education should be privatized
  • Educated Indians lack national commitment
  • Should engineers enroll for MBA
  • Technology creates income disparities
  • Should premarital sex be allowed?
  • Beauty contests degrade womanhood
  • Is MBA necessary to succeed in business?
  • Secularism has become a tool to justify wrong deeds of the minorities
  • Is the business of business only business?
  • Joint family is a blessing in disguise
  • Capital punishment should be abolished
  • There can never be a classless society
  • Education v/s literacy
  • Reality shows: fake or real?
  • One can make a difference
  • Presidential form of government needed in India
  • Linux v/s windows
  • Girls are good academicians
  • Quality is a myth in India
  • Classless society: a pipe dream
  • Advertising is all glitter and no gold
  • Corruption is the outcome of democracy in India

List of some tough GD topics

  • Euthanasia: to do or not to do
  • The Nostradamus code
  • Growth and integrity are poles apart
  • International embargo: the US is going too far
  • Ends justify the means
  • The Hippocratic oath
  • Every cloud has a silver lining
  • Developing countries need trade not aid
  • Marxism and its future all over the world
  • Brain drain has to be stopped
  • Black- darkness or beam
  • Indian economy: old wine in new bottle
  • Roses are red, crows are black
  • Is philosophy just arm chair theory?
  • History repeats itself
  • Cultural invasion through the air waves
  • How to deal with international terrorism
  • The role of NGOs in economics and politics
  • When managers become Hamlets

List of some interesting GD topics

  • Nice guys finish last
  • Do beauty and brain go together?
  • Who is responsible for eve teasing: boys or girls
  • Money is the sixth sense
  • Arranged marriage v/s Love marriage
  • TV commercials should be banned
  • Why more girls choose human relations management
  • Is cloning of humans ethical?
  • Is greed an essential human quality?
  • Can international boundary be dissolved?
  • Delhi should not be the capital of India
  • Should businessman run the finance ministry?
  • Gambling should be legalized
  • Marriage is a social trap
  • Is love precious or poisonous?
  • Life is a chair
  • Does ghost exist?
  • Is God male?

There are numerous more topics to list, but even if you practice these topics along with a daily debate on the current affairs, it will be a justified preparation. If you like to know how to excel in a GD, don’t miss my article- Group discussion tips: Easy tactics for sure-shot success.

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