The girl that comes in your dreams

The girl of your dreams- the girl that comes to reside in your heart: Does she also deserve a place in your life? Check it out with me......

To dream is human nature and to dream about a girl is a guy’s birthright. Will anyone then take the pains explaining to them the risks involved in finding a right partner for him. A girl is worthy of being sought only if she cares for you and stands by you in the times of trouble.

As the saying goes- "Love is blind", are you also blind or you have found a right match for yourself? This is a question that often troubles the minds of love seeking guys- a puzzle that every boy wants to solve. There are numerous articles written on how to attract a girl, but this is a much more important question as it is directly related to the course of your life.

It is possible to attract almost every girl in this universe provided you follow the right approach, but why waste your energy and precious time for someone who is not worth the strife. Before trying your luck on the love front, it is advisable to check whether your direction is right or perilous.

           Here is a quick list to assess your worth in her eyes --

Does she listen to you curiously?

A girl that really cares for you will listen to you, no matter how absurd your talks times even if you utter a nonsense. This denotes that she cares for you.

Does she share her important secrets with you?

This is an indicator of her firm belief in you. If not.... then you need to gain a little more faith from her.

Does she tell you a lie?

Be aware of this category of girls. Don't share any secret with her. She is just flirting with you. She will use you like a dollar and throw you like a waste the moment you cease to be useful to her.

Does she skip others' company to be with you?

It portrays her strong inclination towards you. However, this is not a test for love............there are a few girls that may, in future, skip your company to be with others.

Is she engaged with other guys also?

Probably, she is taking a chance with you and searching for other better alternatives. If she takes a keen interest in other boys...........Be alarmed.....Keep yourself ready with the alternatives.

Does she leave you in lurch?

This is the most important aspect of a girl's character. She may start avoiding you as soon as your success fades and seek your vicinity when you thrive well. There are two things you can do with these girls-- accompany them till you don't have an alternative.......Ignore them completely, if you find a trustworthy partner.

                                                      Now, you are ready to fly on the wings of your imagination...........and dream without fear........All the best for your future adventures!!!