Gender Difference: Who Is Responsible

Gender difference is an issue that has haunted our society for ages. Who will take the responsibility of gender discrimination on his shoulders, men or women?


From the time this earth was made, till the time I am writing this article, gender difference has been the hallmark of our society. Social status or educational background rarely seems to show any effect on the ongoing scenario. Men and women stand apart in each and every department amid the blatant claims of modernization and growth. There is no one who is willing to take the blame of sexual discrimination on him, but nearly everyone is guilty.

What do the statistics say about gender disparity?

The world population report from UNO depicts a continual fall in female birth rate. See the graph below.

Gender Difference

Even when European nations are considered developed; there is still a huge dissimilarity in hourly pay rates between men and women. There is great disparity in health and social status of both the sexes, including educational and nutritional gap in most countries.  For your convenience, I have these few snaps of statistics captured from Wikipedia. I tell you, facts are somewhat worse than statistics can portray.

Who is responsible for gender inequality?

When there are just two contenders in a game, it is obvious that the one winning the race be accused of the loss of other participant. It is therefore men, who are held responsible for the pathetic condition of women in most parts of the world. Now, what the statistics failed to reveal was the unjust treatment of women in the developed areas of the globe in totally new niches and fashions lately discovered by men.


The latest methodology to degrade womanhood in action

  • Woman in scanty attire are made to dance as cheerleaders for most of the popular games today. This means that even today they are seen as products in our society rather than an equal human being.
  • Men are never willing to legalize prostitution but the number of illegal brothels is rising day by day. The easy derivation is that women can sell only what and how much men want.
  • Some urban men cunningly portray themselves as supporters of women empowerment and marry with educated and working women. But finally they force their wives to handle the double burden of family and work, And women being considerate, generally choose to compromise and sacrifice.
  • Even metro-women face domestic violence when they refuse to yield to each and every wish of their husbands. I personally know some cases. Due to individualistic nature of families, there is often no one to rescue and support such women.
  • Women are encouraged by companies and people to wear obscene outfits in the name of trend and when they do this, they are attacked and molested.
  • Women are wrongly praised and flattered to make them feel special and consequently, be an easy prey to the trap laid by men. But when they go to workplace there is no one who is willing to pay them as much as men get.


Are men only responsible?

Even men are not happy. The point is that they are not taught to cry in the society. The high rate of heart attack and suicide in men is anything that supports this statement. You can see the graph below. This is the result of mental abuse that men face in the hands of women which is never visible and cannot be presented as a proof. And, as I have said, men never speak or share their problem publicly. A man’s life is a lot more tough. But let us not talk about it and reserve this topic for future discussion.


The women, who are ill treated or harassed, tend to put the whole onus on the men. But, this is not always the case. Sometimes this opinion is contradicted by few happy women, who made right decisions and are satisfied with their lives. The truth is that it is the choice of women to get exploited. Most of the women are prey to their own prejudices and short-sightedness. Though, even a small girl will claim of understanding men, but they don’t. Not even one percent. It is men who make use of women psychology to their advantage. Startling, but equally true. It is the attitude of women that does not make the situation change, in spite of every marathon effort.

The contribution of women in the farce

  • In under-developed areas, most women face the suppression by women themselves.
  • None of the boys today likes to take dowry, but his parents and well wishers including sisters and the mother take keen interest in the act and forget their own resolution.
  • Women give too much importance to the show off instruments including gifts and dinner table etiquettes and often lose their ability to judge and sense.
  • Girls complain of eve teasing but wear revealing outfits. They forget the fact that beauty contests are never really a topic of interest for men who respect women.
  • Working woman have themselves created an image of being deceptive at work by making use of their beauty as a ladder rather than having belief on their capabilities.
  • Cultured girls are seen as suppressed and cultured boys are looked down as threat to women empowerment, which is exactly the reverse.
  • Women empowerment unions that are run by women themselves, only focus on picking up issues out of nowhere and making even satisfied women feel exploited to gain political mileage, instead of really doing any ground work.
  • Men with value are ridiculed and discouraged by women and finally have the choice of turning like other men who abuse women and in turn are liked by them.

In short, the drama that is on since centuries is not going to end so soon. I have seen women who perfectly enjoy their lives and are really critical about men. Hence, most men have already started adjusting their behavior according to the trend and have suddenly started talking too much about women empowerment in front of women (lol). I don’t have to tell you then, the final level of equality the genders are going to achieve. (Please, don’t take it otherwise) We have the option to wait and watch optimistically, so that the society transforms itself from one dimension to another. What I believe is that neither of the two is completely going to forget its natural attribute….means woman will keep on complaining and men will keep on apologizing.