Last Day Exam Preparation Techniques

Last day before the examination and still bluffing your parents; probably, you can prepare a bit and be ready before the final hooter if you are smart enough to do so.


We humans have a tendency of waking up late and finding ourselves in deep waters. The most interesting case arises, when you discover that you have an examination the very next day and you have already mesmerized the color of your book. The only things you are left with are the memories of fooling around with your friends, bunking classes and lampooning your teachers. If you too are a player of hit or miss game, your future is sure to be in the melting pot.

Now what to do if you already have committed the blunder and want to rectify your sins. No worries, we have a solution out there.  You can still prepare and have some chance if you pay heed to the following advice.

A day before the examination

  • Stop freaking in the first hand. Take out your books, study material, syllabus and last few years question papers.
  • Go through your syllabus and question papers and tick mark the topics that have the most obvious chances to arrive in the examination.
  • Read those topics in detail and jot down the definitions and the related points in a separate piece of paper. You can even take help with your study material if you have cared to collect.
  • Next, look for those questions that have arrived in the penultimate years but have not been there in the last year’s question paper. They are likely to show up again.
  • Don’t forget the charts and grids; they are the best scoring points. Also, refrain from covering too much, since you can’t do that.
  • Finally, delve into those topics that are referred to by your teachers and classmates. Note down anything that you think is useful in the exam and relax.

Night before the examination

  • Take out your papers and start the real task. Memorize all the definitions and points by heart.
  • Revise anything and everything that you have been taught in the classroom and you have accidentally gathered while you were attending the lecture.
  • Check through your study material to see if you have missed out anything important. Keep writing everything on a separate piece of paper. Don’t be nervous, you have done it.
  • Go early to bed and take a good night sleep without intervention.

On the examination day

  • Rise early in the morning without compromising your sleep. Be fresh and jovial.
  • Take out your jotted down material and revise everything sequencely. Don’t make haste or you will make a waste of your efforts.
  • Don’t memorize anything in the last minute; it is not going to make a difference. Just go through whatever you have succeeded in acquiring.
  • Get ready and have a light meal. Make sure you don’t forget anything necessary for the examination or you will forget everything what you have learnt.
  • Just go there and deliver your hard work. Rest is God.