How To Defeat Your Fear

Fear is the greatest enemy of success. Overcoming fear means reducing the chances of failure. Know how to defeat your fear and equip yourself with instant confidence.

overcome your fear
Fear is what can prove to be one of the greatest barriers to your success. If you don’t conquer your fear, it may overpower your nerve and make you buckle down under pressure. The rhyme and reason why you should care to subdue your fear is that unless you suppress your panic, you are going to do nothing and in return achieve nothing. Now, you may find many articles online on this topic but I believe you may be eager to hear from a person who himself has faced the horror of performance and also succeeded in getting the better of it and made it a success story on numerous occasions. Here is a simple outline of techniques you should apply to get rid of your fear.


What to do to defeat your fear?

Opportunity cost analysis

When you fear doing or facing anything, the first thing you should do is to consider its worth. You should analyze how much you are going to gain in contrast to how much you will lose if you don’t face it. You should also calculate the risk associated with doing it incorrectly. When you realize that your risks are too minor in comparison to the expected gains, you will be more determined to perform the act.

Whole-hearted preparation

When you decide to commence on something, do it whole heartedly. Leave no stone unturned in practice and rehearsals. Believe me, if you are fully prepared, you will miraculously be charged with confidence and most probably, come out victorious.

Devising back up plan

Always follow what to do when approach while devising your strategy. Take contingency factors in account when you plan your actions, so that when your first plan backfires, you may immediately switch to another. This will protect you against falling on the back foot if you are taken by surprise.

Making use of excitement

You may recall the moments of acute nervousness just before going to perform. This is nothing but the result of your excitement. Never curb it. Instead, multiply on it. The more you will try to curb your enthusiasm the freakier you may turn during the presentation. The key is to encash your passion and cool down slowly. This way you are going to feel better.

Emotional involvement

Emotional attachment is something that may defy any rule of nervousness or fear. The ultimate secret behind some of the most jubilant performances by the artists is their emotional involvement with their art. The reason is that when you are emotionally charged, you often become blind to the fear of consequence. The dedication towards your purpose will invariably dispel the fear of failure.

Devotion and meditation

If you have the power of faith and the instrument of meditation, you can defeat any wave of panic. This is because when you believe on the Supreme Being, you know that he is there to support your cause and back you up when you fall down. You find an invisible force filling your soul with enormous strength. In addition, regular meditation instills extraordinary calmness and tranquility to your senses that help you overcome your fear with amazing ease.

Facing the irresistible

If you come across an un-anticipated case of fear, the best thing is to face it with utmost courage. Yes, sometimes you may have other ways to escape from it and it may be prudent to do so if you have no gains associated with it. Otherwise, you should choose to attack and destroy the cause of your fear before it overpowers you.

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