How to Expand Your Twitter Network

Expanding your twitter base by long odds provides you a great visibility on the web. Check out these obvious ways to expand your twitter network that will jolly well fetch maximum visitors to your site.

Grow Your Twitter Network

There are a lot many people among us who don’t know how to grow their twitter network. The result is that when you open your account your data seems to mock at you and the number of followers constantly jars upon you. You wonder how people are able to maintain such a huge list of followers and you have to contend with only few. Don’t worry, your task is a lot more easier than you can imagine. Just read through this exclusive post on how to expand your twitter network.

The best strategy to socialize on twitter

The best way to socialize involves maintaining a sound identity. The first step you can take is to rectify your profile errors. It means, you need to create an attractive and information rich profile that contains a professional looking photograph, some compelling lines about you (Not too much outspoken) and your website link. For the next step, you should verify your account and link the other related accounts such as Facebook to it. You can then search for your friends and invite them to join you on twitter.

How to get overnight followers on twitter

There are many sites that aid you in this endeavor. Some of the best ones I found are twiends and twidir. For your convenience, I provide you the links below.

  1. Visit any of these sites or both of them and open your account on them. It is a very easy process and you will be guided by the application.
  2. When the application asks to connect to your twitter account, provide it the access. Verify your email and go bingo.
  3. On the right hand side you will be shown the featured accounts that carry the maximum seeds (points), follow them. You will be provided with a number of relevant accounts, keep on following and growing.
  4. In the mean time, you will see the number of your twitter followers rising quickly. It is because when you have seeds, some other people are following you and consuming your seeds.
  5. You can manage the number of seeds to grant when someone follows you. The best strategy will be to grant 2 seeds, it will do the job for you.
  6. Make sure you don’t overdo this following act because twitter has a strong policy against this type of behavior. Anyway, for the first day, 500-1000 followers will do the job for you.

How to organize and maintain your twitter

  • It is really difficult to read the timeline when you have a huge list of friends. To thwart this problem, create lists based on interest, profession and so on.
  • Always remember to add back and group people the moment they follow you, otherwise, there are people who would just de-follow you leaving your efforts unpaid.
  • To increase the chances of follow backs, you can send a direct message to the people whom you just follow.
  • Be regular on twitter and re-tweet others if you find something useful. That’s all, enjoy the visibility and some awesome traffic.