Will Google Be Banned in India

The warning to ban Google and Facebook by the Delhi high court has captured the attention of web surfers across India. Will the censorship of media provide any solution to the problems that this country is facing right now?

The Delhi high court seems to be adamant on penalizing Google and Facebook for what it says endorsing inappropriate content. In the latest developments, the charge sheet against these media sites and some others is approved for hearing in the court. The court had earlier warned Google and others to remove the spamy content or face the ire. Justice Suresh Kait had maintained that the court is going to take stringent actions and impose ban on these sites in the similar manner as already done in China if they fail to abide by the rules. This whole controversy has led people to doubt the feasibility of courts in solving the problems of society and the nation. It has triggered the debate on what the court should be doing in contrast to what it is doing.

What is Google’s stand?

The former Add. Solicitor general Mukul Rohtagi contrasted the opinion of the court on behalf of Google saying, it is not possible to censor the content flowing in such a large quantity on the web. He also maintained that Google inc. and Google India are two separate entities and thus, we are not responsible for the actions of the holding company. In other words, Google stands firm on it’s decision of continuing with the freedom of the social media.

How have people reacted on the move?

The web addicts have given out a combination of sharp and witty reactions to the high court’s decision. Here are some of them gathered randomly from various sources. If you like, they are worth having a glance at.

  • Better, court indulges itself in some productive activities. Moreover, is it possible to block Google? It is India, not China.
  • What will the tramps like us do, if you block Google and Facebook? We have only few means to enjoy our lives.
  • I bet, so and so party is directly responsible for all this. It is pathetic to see that everything in this country is entirely managed by the politicians, even courts.
  • If you implement this step, let us also make an addition to it. Change the constitution of the country, so that we need to ask "Madam" if we have an urge to eat, sleep or even visit toilet.
  • If you are unable to drive out corruption or solve cases on time, this is the last option that you resort to. You go ahead to punish the already starving masses.
  • It seems, the court has no other work to perform. Why does it go lull on the issues of black money and scams? Why do the alleged people grow old and die before they are found guilty?
  • Please, don’t do this. Our life will become meaningless. You can enjoy the bribes offered to you; it is your property, but please excuse us.

The internet is overflowing with the messages like this, but the government along with the court has turned a deaf ear to the public sentiments. These were only few glimpses of the audience view points, there are things I cannot dare to list. I believe, you have the capacity to assume whatever is not present in the list.

What is my opinion?

It is almost impossible to ban Google or Facebook in India. They have penetrated deep into the roots of this country and today constitute the best common platforms of opinion sharing and thought exchange. It is also not plausible for Google to censor its content and neither justifiable. Where was the court when the same content had been flourishing since years? Does it not seem to be a step to suppress the yolk of opinion that may be remarkably against the present Government? I hope and believe, that the matter be settled both for the good of society as well as the web. Let us punish the guilty and not choose a scapegoat.

Update:  Google finally bowed down to the censorship demands by the court. However, nothing greatly unusual has been reported, apart from the fact that some content that may harm specific people or organizations has surely been suppressed and devalued in the search results. That amounts to the common fact that big fishes dine on their smaller companions. We congratulate Google on striking a balance between its business needs and the political pressure concerning the case. Finally, it is our right to mourn this exchange of common interests between privileged institutions at the cost of freedom of speech and expression of the exploited sections.