Relaxation Techniques in Yoga

Relaxation techniques are an inherent part of yoga. Some of the best and easiest known relaxation techniques of yoga are listed here along with the procedure and the associated benefits.

relaxation technique in yoga

Yoga had been long trusted and admired for its amazing capability to relax and soothe your senses. There are several relaxation techniques in yoga that not only calm down your mind but also relax your body muscles to make you feel pacified and energized. Though yoga is believed to be the best alternative to present day medication for many chronic conditions, we will discuss here only the aspects related to relaxation by yoga and that too which are easy to practice and follow.

Easy relaxation techniques of yoga

To seriously engage in yoga, you need to hire a personal trainer that can look after you and guide you for the correct postures. However, there are some easy to perform yoga exercises that can be practiced at home without any expert consultancy. Here are some of the easiest relaxation techniques of yoga.


#1 Relaxation technique of yoga: Deep breathing

Deep breathing helps you calm down your nerves and suppress your anger. It also aids in driving out stress and bringing peace of mind. This can be practiced anywhere at any time without limitation but serenity is always the best.


  1. Sit straight with folded legs in a comfortable position.
  2. Put your palms on your knees and relax.
  3. Slowly inhale air into lungs in as much quantity you can.
  4. Try to feel the inner peace and the inflow of energy into your body.
  5. Now, exhale the air bit by bit, as if driving out the tension and the filth from your body.
  6. Take a small break and repeat for four to six times.


#2 Relaxation technique of yoga: Shavasan

Shavasan is one of the key techniques in yoga that is invariably practiced in all situations. It is performed intermittently between different positions in yoga to relax and prepare the body for next exercise. It can also be done after workouts to loosen the muscles. Sometimes this techniques is also used for deriving power naps after prolonged and tiring periods of work.


  1. Lie down on your back with your face pointing to the ceiling.
  2. Adjust your hands and legs so that they are parallel to your body.
  3. Close your eyes and let your muscles loose. Feel as if you are non-existent.
  4. Forget your worries and take slow and deep breadths.
  5. Continue in the same position for few minutes.


#3 Relaxation technique of yoga: Slow walk

This is synonymous to Tai Chi, an technique mainly used in martial arts but has been adopted to suit the present day circumstances. It is a free flowing, self paced synchronized form of body movements aimed at gaining tranquility and concentration and is many times practiced without you even recognizing it.


  1. Find a suitable natural habitat, such as a park or a remote surrounding.
  2. Dress comfortably and start a slow walk.
  3. Try to roam around naturally with the help of your instinct.
  4. Move your hands and legs in a coherent manner. Do as you feel without bothering.
  5. Encash the beauty of the nature. Sense, feel, touch and hear (visualization technique).
  6. Experience the inner joy and relief.


#4 Relaxation technique of yoga: Before Sleep

This method is generally practiced before going to bed to obtain a good night sleep. It helps in quick digestion of food and prepares the body for a nice respite. It also makes you mesmerize your troubles and come out relaxed.


  1. Prepare yourself for the sleep i.e. visit bathroom if you feel.  Wash your hands, face and feet.
  2. Go to bed and lie on your back with your eyes closed and a thin and comfortable pillow beneath your head.
  3. Breathe in slowly and exhale twice more leisurely. Take exactly 8 deep breaths in this position.
  4. Now turn yourself rightways and take 16 long breaths. Place another pillow between your legs if you are uncomfortable.
  5. Finally, Roll over to your left and take 32 long breaths. By the time you finish this exercise, you will most probably be in a deep sleep.


Benefits of relaxation techniques of yoga

Relaxation techniques of yoga help us in numerous ways. Regular practice enhances mental and physical powers in a miraculous way. It cures insomnia and assists in overcoming sleep disorders. These techniques work on our psyche to control anxiety and stress. They eradicate negative thoughts from our brain and cultivate a more balanced and dignified personality. Many chronic disorders such as restlessness and fatigue can be easily controlled using these techniques. For a healthy living, I advise giving yoga a try. It is a life time habit to pursue and keep.