Can’t Lose Weight: What to do

Can’t lose weight? What mistakes you commit that you can’t lose weight? Read this post if you are weary of searching over the net and correct the pitfalls in your plan.

If you can’t lose weight even after following a tedious regime and trying out numerous tips and tactics, then you have just arrived at the right destination. The secret of losing weight lies in knowing the right approaches that you ought to take and not in trying out any and every trick on the internet. If you think you have taken all the right steps to shape your body and are unsuccessful in your attempt, then read on.

Why you can’t lose weight?

Basic reasons why you can’t lose weight,

  • You strive too hard to lose weight and in the attempt, adopt harmful methods of dealing with extra pounds in your body.
  • You use medications to lose fat quickly and end up gaining as much fat as quickly after you stop taking the pills.
  • Your body has an ideal weight but you are somehow convinced that you are overweight. The body always strives to bring itself into equilibrium.
  • You may have hereditary problems. Your genes may be sometimes responsible for your not losing the weight.
  • You may be having emotional problems. Fat people generally are reported to feel deprived of love and care.
  • You are having some living and dietary habits that hard to quit. You might be working less and taking more calories than required.
  • You are not taking enough rest and having symptoms related to stress and anxiety. Your life style is rather chaotic.

Should you lose weight?

There may be many factors that may not allow you to lose weight. But before you diagnose them, you should know whether you should lose weight or not. Sometimes you may be having an ideal mass on your body, losing which may not be a healthy alternative for you. Before you head towards the next section, I recommend you to read this post, What should I weigh: complete explanation. Here, you will find ideal weight charts for different heights, age and genders. If you find that you should lose weight, you may go further.


What to do to lose weight

Motivation to lose weight

You should first have enough motivation and desire, if you really want to lose weight. To keep yourself dedicated towards your goal, You should make sound plans. You can use motivators such as preparing to appear at someone’s wedding or reunion or plan to speak at a public ceremony or even giving a surprise party to your friends. Next, you should be firmly sure about two things, firstly, you have to lose weight at all costs and secondly, it is going to take some time. Keep in mind that nothing is more essential than your determination and dedication to achieve your goal.

Diet to lose weight

Knowing what to eat and sticking to a healthy diet is the next thing that you should never ignore. You can’t lose weight unless you care about your diet. Here are some great tips for you,

  • Don’t be hungry for a long time. Take your breakfast early in the morning and have it in sufficient amount.
  • Take frequent meals but eat less. Try to make a dietary routine and follow it strictly.
  • Take a glass of water 15 minutes before you eat and avoid taking water just after your meals. Drink as much water as you can in the intervals.
  • Of course, you need to avoid fats and carbohydrates, especially fats. Some carbohydrate in the morning is needed to keep you alive for the day.
  • Strictly avoid fried items and cold beverages. Sweetened drinks are the most damaging of all.
  • Thrive on vegetables and fiber rich foods and control the amount of salt you take.
  • Take only low fat milk or instead have yoghurt. Keep away from bread and butter.
  • Try to be a vegetarian as far as possible. If can’t resist, then have fish or chicken instead of red meat.
  • Pumpkin juice and pineapple juice, both work miracles to slim your body. Never take banana juice if you want to lose weight.
  • Include green leafy vegetables and soup in your diet. Never put salt on salad. Use nuts and beans for your protein needs.

Exercise to lose weight

You need to burn some fat to attain a healthy shape. Working out is of great importance to your fitness, undermining which you cannot think to lose weight. Let us have a glance at some tricks.

  • Have a speed walk in the morning of around 20 minutes daily. Jog vigorously if you can.
  • Make swimming your hobby. At least, till the time you have lost a good amount of fat from your body.
  • Running is the best exercise for your entire body. Try to run in the open instead of suffocating yourself in gym.
  • Stretching exercises are of great help in transforming your body. But, practice them correctly under the supervision of an expert.
  • If sweat arrives on your face and body, it means you have succeeded in burning some calories.
  • Join yoga classes. There are some specific yoga postures to help you attain a slim figure easily.

Lifestyle to lose weight

Your daily habits and your living can dramatically affect your body weight. Read these points carefully. Visit this article for more insight- What to do to stay fit.

  • Quit smoking and drugs in the first hand.
  • Roam around freely and make yourself active.
  • Don’t lie unnecessarily on bed. Try to sit in a straight position.
  • Take a goodnight sleep and be fresh.
  • Stay awayfrom stress and be happy.
  • Use lifts only when necessary. Use your feet to visit nearby places.
  • Avoid eating here and there. Have meals at your home.
  • Last but not the least, be confident and energetic.

Even after doing all these things honestly, if you can’t lose weight then it may be a reason to worry. Visit your physician in this case, since there may be a case of underlying condition in your body. But for the most people, if you want to lose it, then there is no reason why you can’t lose weight. Just be optimistic and patient.