Ways to gain weight

Need to gain weight and not sure about how to do it? Why not learn some healthy and speedy ways to gain weight without much strain.

Having a slim figure is great, but being too skinny is a real health hazard. It is also a curse to your personality. Not only your peers may be tempted to mock at you, you may also find your stature not being able to cope up with the cloths in the market. If you are a guy, it is quite obvious that you want to put on some valuable muscles to flaunt your reflexes, but if you are a lady, you are worthy of getting a bigger complement for your prudent choice. It is because in the era when everyone else is obsessed with the idea of attaining a zero size figure, very few women do realize that men rarely like too skinny girls. No women will actually like to be termed fat, but having a bit of curves is what separates a lady from a man. In either of the cases, you need to find some healthy ways to gain weight on your body.

Why you can’t gain weight?

There may be several reasons behind why you are unable to gain weight.  There is a condition termed negative nutrition, where unwittingly your habits or situations prevent your body from absorbing proper amount of nutrients from the food. This is the biggest known obstacle in your weight gain campaign. The top most reasons why a person can’t gain weight is summarized below,

  • You are addicted to smoking or drinking. This may pose hurdles in the anabolic activities of your body.
  • You have a fast metabolism rate or are engaged in a physically demanding job, but are not able to reciprocate for the loss of energy to your body.
  • You usually feast on fast foods or are often forced to skip your meals owing to your busy schedule.
  • You might have lost your appetite due to your passive lifestyle or some hidden disease. You eat less because you are rarely hungry.
  • You are a victim of chronic stress. If you do not overcome stress on time, it may lead to many other complexities.
  • You are experiencing the side effects of a prescription medicine.

Healthy way to gain weight

No matter how eager you are to gain weight, you should always find healthy ways to do so. It is rather frustrating to watch the internet overflowing with ridiculous tactics to gain weight such as, eating junk food, having late dinner, dieting for a long time and so on. These tactics are not only unhygienic but also life threatening at times. There are easier and healthier ways to gain weight and some of them are listed here for you.

Diet to gain weight

Way you should eat to gain weight,

  • Never be hungry. Eat six times a day and eat a well balanced diet as far as possible. Add variety to your meal.
  • Include ample amount of protein in your diet to build muscles. Some rich sources are meat, eggs, milk, nuts, beans, legumes and fish.
  • Take healthy carbs along with other nutrients. You can choose starchy items such as potato, beets, bread, pasta, carrots, whole grains and fruits like banana, pears or apples.
  • Make use of olive oil, coconut oil or butter while cooking. These are safe sources of fat.
  • Avoid eating junk or processed foods. Not only they pose health concerns, they decrease your body’s digestion as well as absorption capabilities.
  • Take your meal just after the workout. If not possible, at least, have a glass of whey protein powder after the workout.
  • You can always use dietary supplements and tonics after consulting your physician.

Drinks to gain weight

Way you should drink to gain weight

  • Drink sufficient amount of water between meals. Avoid drinking too much water immediately after the meals.
  • Banana juice is the best option if you want to gain weight quickly. Avoid acidic fruit solutions like that of lemon.
  • Avoid excessive use of tea or coffee. Never take alcoholic drinks.
  • Choose hearty cream soups over broth-based soups. Consult your doctor before buying store soups.

Exercise to gain weight

Way you should workout to gain weight

  • Engage in weight training program to build great muscles. This may take some time but surely will show the results.
  • Make use of resistance exercises. They help you gain weight quickly in the form of muscles.
  • Compound exercises are considered the best exercises to build muscles quickly. Some of them are push-ups, pull ups, dips, chin ups, squats, bench press and deadlifts.
  • Though cardiovascular exercises are mostly used for burning fat, using them may help you attain great figure in the long run.

Lifestyle to gain weight

Way you should live to gain weight

  • Keep away from drugs and nicotine if you want a fit and healthy body.
  • Avoid stress or depression. Lead a jovial and carefree life. Stay active and optimistic.
  • Try to have your meal at home always. Say no to fast foods, processed foods and restaurant visits.
  • Instead of leading a very comfortable life, try to do some stuff yourself. This will enhance your appetite and help gain weight consequently.
  • Take proper amount of rest and make an early visit to bed.

These are only few healthy ways of attaining a perfect weight on your body. To know what weight you ought to have, you can refer this article: What Should I Weigh. You can always consult your doctor for perfect personal advice. No tactics can actually complement the need of an expert opinion.