Selecting MBA Institute for Admission

Getting admitted in an MBA institute was never hard for anybody. The tough ask is selecting a suitable MBA institution that will take your campaign to the next higher level.

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If you have decided to enroll in MBA curriculum, there are few things you should always take into consideration. It is because there are always rotten eggs in the market. No matter how careful you are in choosing your institute, you may end up getting trapped in the red. You may find numerous MBA institutes out there luring you for MBA admissions. The truth is that most of these MBA institutes bribe magazines to show inflated A++ ratings and even publicize false placement records. It is therefore essential that you practice precaution before selecting an MBA institute for admission.

Considerations before getting admission in B-schools

Approval and affiliation

The first thing you should find out is whether your institute offers you a valid certificate or not. Otherwise, you are sure to find yourself on the streets after the completion of your course. Yes, there are few exceptions to this rule, but this is only with some very highly reputed institutes that place students on their own and also have a befitting fee structure. If you are from India, You should visit UGC to find out UGC recognition. You should also log on to AICTE to find out AICTE approved universities  and distance education courses.

Placement trend

Placement is an aspect where most MBA colleges mislead the aspiring students. Don’t blindly believe on the track record portrayed by the B-schools on their websites. Seek for other better sources such as your peers or coaching mentors. The best way to know about the reality of placement scenario is to ask the alumni of the colleges. You can very well do this when you visit the centre for GDPI round.

Fee structure and amenities

The next thing to have a conscious look at is the fee structure presented to you. You should carefully go through the various fees and the associated facilities with them. There are many institutes that show you an altered fee structure and charge you again and again after you get admission. See whether the fee for the amenities presented to you are there in your prospectus.

Campus and lodging facility

After you are convinced with all these things, you should enquire about the campus of the institution. Is it their own premises or they are renting somewhere? Do they offer you lodging facility? If yes then, is it in sync with the market cost? If not, find out the local hostels feasible for you. A B-school without campus is a body without soul, remember this line.


What your seniors say

Finally, you should not ignore what you seniors have to say on this topic. They must be having some experience of their own. Seek the help and advice from your coaching briefers. They are the ones who might have churned out numerous successful students and are well aware of the ongoing scenario.

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